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Joshua House to be honored with Committee’s Choice Award

On Monday, October 22, Joshua House will be awarded the Blair County Chamber of Commerce Business Hall of Fame’s Committee’s Choice Award. It is a great honor to be given this award which has gone to March of Dimes and Sheetz Family Christmas in years past.
The event will be held at the Blair County Convention Center and draws over 500 people who attend. With Joshua House in its 9th year of existence, founder and president of the board, Jim Kilmartin, is blown away by this tremendous honor, saying to have the Blair County Chamber consider Joshua House as a real viable organization that impacts the community and region shows some of the fruits from J-House’s dedicated work.
“To start from just hanging out in the street and being in my parent’s basement and growing over the years, we’re just real excited about where we are going. This is just part of the recognition of the good stuff and lives that have been impacted and changed,” stated Kilmartin.
The reason Joshua House is being honored Monday has much to do with everything they do and offer for the young people in our community. This October and November is no different at the J-House.
Joshua House is planning on hosting musical concerts in the near future where they will bring in bands to perform and also showcase local talent as opening acts. Kilmartin hopes to make the concerts a continuing event and is eager to offer something different for the young people in the community.
Another exciting and upcoming event will be held Saturday, November 3 at 7 p.m. when J-House will be hosting the Youth/Young Adult Conference featuring Dr. Paul Costa of Paul Costa Ministry. Dr. Costa is a former pro football player for the Buffalo Bills who was a two time pro-bowl tight end and a two time pro-bowl tackle. He also was an All-American tight end for the University of Notre Dame.
Kilmartin states that this year’s conference is intended to rejuvenate the spirit and activate the daily walk with God. Paul Costa is gifted as a powerful evangelist and healing minister.
Joshua House will also host a Business Breakfast the morning of November 3 beginning at 9 a.m. where Dr. Costa will be on hand talking about keys to success in life from the football field to the market place. It will be a networking event and it is open to the public.
On Tuesday, November 20, from 4 -6 p.m., Joshua House will be hosting its 7th annual Thanksgiving Dinner for the community in partnership with the Salvation Army. Over 120-150 people typically come for the meal and take outs are available as well.
In recent years, J-House has ventured into the sports activity field for the youths of our community, and this year has been no different. Kilmartin says J-House will begin its fourth year holding a winter Christian Youth Basketball League at the Tyrone Armory for kids who don’t play basketball at school for whatever reason, but want to play somewhere else. This year they plan on traveling some, competing in Hollidaysburg and Huntingdon.
Last year, over 80 kids from the Tyrone and Bellwood community participated, and Kilmartin said that expenses for shirts and traveling will be assisted through fundraising efforts.
Kilmartin added that since the Tyrone YMCA closed down, the J-House is trying to fill that void in the sports community. He also hopes to start a flag football league in the spring.
“A large goal is to begin a Rec Commission to work alongside of the local youth baseball, basketball, soccer and football organizations. It is so much better when we can work together,” added Kilmartin.
Joshua House’s Juniors (first through sixth grade children) spent a fun-filled summer learning how to make friends and give back to the community through a summer program themed “Super Powers,” where kids got to know themselves as super heroes.
They learned about the power of God in them to change the world around them, focusing on the super powers of hope, love, joy, and prayer, going into the community every Thursday to spread the week’s super power.
Some of the projects the Juniors did was walking downtown and picking up trash, hoping and praying for Tyrone to be beautifully clean for years to come; taking care of a garden; and spreading their power of joy to the residents of Epworth Manor.
For more information on the Joshua House and its upcoming events, visit J-House’s website at or call at 684-2032.
Joshua House is located at 123 W.10th Street, Tyrone.