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Detwiler running for second term on TASB

(Editor’s note: Recently, The Daily Herald sent out letters to individuals listed in our coverage area who have filed for candidacy in the November 6 general election. Individuals were asked to send back the information so that the Herald could spotlight each candidate to the public. The Daily Herald compiled the information on the candidates and is currently running the spotlight articles to provide complete coverage of the election to our readers. It should be noted that if a candidate did not provide information to the Herald, then no information will be printed about them for the upcoming election.)
Raymond Detwiler is running for a second four-year term as a school board member for Tyrone Area School District.
Detwiler has been employed at New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co. for the past 29 years as an equipment operator. He and his wife have four children, three of which have graduated from Tyrone Area High School, and one that is a junior this year. Detwiler has lived in Tyrone all of his life.
“With four children, I have noticed several discrepancies in my children’s PSSA and CAT test results, as well as the grades they were bringing home from school,” said Detwiler. “When I started asking questions about this, no sound reason could be found, and I was getting the run-around. This, as well as the way people looked at you and treated you when trying to find out why things were as they were, prompted me to run for a seat on the school board.”
Detwiler continued, “The one big issue I am still trying to accomplish is getting the people in the Tyrone Area School District involved in their children’s education. Get nosey, ask questions, and take an active role in their lives. They need you and you need them.
“Also, if you need to or feel you must, don’t hesitate to try and make the changes they deserve. The schools belong to you, and the people working there are supposed to work for you and the elected representatives (school board members) must be held accountable to you by you.”
Detwiler closed by saying, “Remember, anyone can run for these offices.”