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The further this season goes on, the more upsets we are seeing on just about every level of the game of football.
For the second week in a row, Tyrone’s previously undefeated opponent has suffered a loss. LSU was Number One for litle more than a week, before Kentucky threw a monkey wrench into the system. And to top the college week off, Number Two California also got beat!
We had three Lone Ranger selections, Rich DeLeo hit on the Chestnut Ridge win over Bellwood-Antis to help him to a 7-3 tie with panel leader Jim Cushion and Miller, but Kerry Webster lost both of his ranger picks, with Juniata Valley knocking off Glendale and Penn State dominating Wisconsin. Christina Pryor went 6-4 to move into a third place tie with Webster, who was 5-5. Kerry Naylor was also 5-5. Overall Cushion (54-16) stays one game up on Miller (53-17), with Pryor and Webster dead even at 50-20, Naylor is 46-24 and the combined guests are another game back at 45-25. Thank you Rich DeLeo, who helped the guests pick up two games on their closest panel member.
This week, our guest picker is Magisterial Judge Fred Miller, Tyrone grad and sports enthusiast. Good luck Fred!
Indian Valley at Tyrone: As stated above Indian Valley was undefeated, with a win over 2006 District 6 Triple-A champ Hollidaysburg, until last week, when Clearfield held the potent Valley offense to two scores in a 19-13 win for the Bison. Tyrone still hasn’t had anybody really find out what to do against their defense, while the offense keeps on getting better. Shayne Tate is replacing the injured Johnny Franco, so he threw like Franco in last week’s win, plus going over the 1,000-yard rushing mark as well.
The picks: Miller Tyrone 24-7, Kerry Webster Tyrone 21-20, Kerry Naylor Tyrone 21-14, Christina Pryor Tyrone 28-6, Jim Cushion Tyrone 21-14, Fred Miller Tyrone 21-14.
Bellwood-Antis at Penns Valley: Penns Valley is plugging along like the Rams of the middle and late 1980s when they were one of the best Double-A teams around. Until a big outburst against Mount Union last week, they hadn’t scored much, but with a defense, second only to Tyrone in the area, they haven’t needed many points. Blue Devils had the opportunity to win last week, but missed on several chances, while Chestnut Ridge took advantage of their breaks and senior leadership. Look for another low-scoring tilt.
The picks: Miller Penns Valley 10-0, Kerry Webster Penns Valley 28-14, Kerry Naylor Bellwood-Antis 16-10, Christina Pryor Penns Valley 24-14, Jim Cushion Penns Valley 14-6, Fred Miller Bellwood-Antis 14-13.
Glendale at Moshannon Valley: Glendale got to the district playoffs last year for their first time, and even won a playoff game. This year seems to be Mo Valley’s comeback. Murray Fetzer and his largely Tyrone coaching staff have gotten everything they can out of this year’s edition of the Black Knights. Tyrone signed up Mo Valley for the 10th game, but they will have to look elsewhere, ‘cause Mo Valley will be in the Single-A playoffs.
The picks; Miller Moshannon Valley. Kerry Webster Moshannon Valley, Kerry Naylor Moshannon Valley, Christina Pryor Moshannon Valley, Jim Cushion Moshannon Valley. Fred Miller Moshannon Valley.
Central at Philipsburg-Osceola: P-O has faced Penns Valley and Tyrone on back-to-back weeks. Now they get Central. If Philipsburg-Osceola has anything left at all, look for the Mounties to cut the tail off the Dragons and then some. Central will have to work a lot of quarterback Chris Kurtz magic, or this game will be over early.
The picks: Miller Philipsburg-Osceola, Kery Webster Philipsburg-Osceola, Kerry Naylor Philipsburg-Osceola, Christina Pryor Philipsburg-Osceola, Jim Cushion Philipsburg-Osceola, Fred Miller Philipsburg-Osceola.
Chestnut Ridge at Northern Bedford: At first thought, it would seem that Double-A Chestnut Ridge with a tougher schedule would have the advantage. Throw that notion out the window, when comparing two teams common to both schools. Northern has shut out Everett 38-0 and Claysburg-Kimmel 29-0, while Ridge had no trouble with Everett 32-6, but barely won a mistake-laden 34-26 victory over Claysburg-Kimmel.
The picks: Miller Chestnut Ridge, Kerry Webster Northern Bedford, Kerry Naylor Chestnut Ridge, Christina Pryor Northern Bedford, Jim Cushion Northern Bedford, Fred Miller Chestnut Ridge.
Auburn at LSU: In a season chock full of upsets at every level, LSU lasted just two weeks at the top spot, before falling to the upset bug and Kentucky in triple overtime, while Auburn at #22 barely squeaked by Arkansas 9-7. This week, Auburn (5-2) climbs up to Number 18, while LSU (6-1) drops all the way to Number Five. Auburn is always tough at home, but has a loss at Florida and last weeks nail-biter at Arkansas on the road in another tough SEC Western Division game.
The picks: Miller LSU, Kerry Webster LSU, Kerry Naylor LSU, Christina Pryor LSU, Jim Cushion LSU, Fred Miller LSU.
California at UCLA: California (5-1) is ranked Number 10 after getting knocked out of the #2 spot a week ago by Oregon State 31-28. UCLA gave a very mediocre Notre Dame team their first win. UCLA (4-2 and coming off a bye week) hasn’t played since The Irish put a 20-6 pasting on the Bruins. California should be ready for bear, but this is a city rivalry and anything can and usually does go.
The picks: Miller California. Kerry Webster California, Kerry Naylor California, Christina Pryor California, Jim Cushion California, Fred Miller California.
Cincinnati at Pitt: Pitt hasn’t done well in the first half of the schedule, and has a much tougher second half to navigate, beginning with Number 23 Cincinnati (6-1). Cincy’s defense returns eight starters from last year. Pitt offense has appeared lifeless at times, and more people need to step forward than true freshmen Pat Bostick and LaSean McCoy, who have provided most of the “O” to this point.
The picks: Miller Cincinnati 27-17, Kerry Webster Cincinnati 28-14, Kerry Naylor Cincinnati 25-18, Christina Pryor Cincinnati 45-17, Jim Cushion Cincinnati 31-20, Fred Miller Cincinnati 28-10.
Penn State at Indiana: Nittany Lions seem to have gotten it together since disappointing losses to Michigan and Illinois. But can they do it on the road, where the Nits have had a lot of trouble since joining the Big 10. Anthony Morelli has been showing improvement and the young lines on both sides of the ball are improving fast with every game. Indiana’s offense has been in the hands of quarterback Kellen Lewis who is second in the Big 10 in pass proficiency and has 16 TD passes, and is the Hoosiers’ leading rusher with 470 yards and four scores.
The picks: Miller Penn State 33-15, Kerry Webster Penn State 45-12, Kerry Naylor Penn State 31-14, Christina Pryor Penn State 31-13, Jim Cushion Penn State 24-12, Fred Miller Penn State 28-7.
Steelers at Denver: The biggest plus for the Steelers is that after dominating Seattle with a bunch of players out with injuries, almost all of them will be back this week. Hines Ward (two games), Casey Hampton, Santonio Holmes and Troy Polamalu will play, and all but Hampton have practiced all week. Denver also was off last week and Steeler coach mike Tomlin is concerned it could have allowed the Broncos, at least mentally, to get away from their three-game losing streak, which Pittsburgh wants to help them continue.
The picks: Miller Steelers 29-17, Kerry Webster Steelers 35-32, Kerry Naylor Steelers 33-24, Christina Pryor Steelers 34-6, Jim Cushion Steelers 34-14, Fred Miller Steelers 31-14.