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VISION Committee announces nominations for Tyrone Hospital Board of Directors

Tyrone Hospital has scheduled the annual Tyrone Hospital Corporation meeting for Monday, August 27 at 7 p.m. at the LGI room at Tyrone Elementary School.
Each year at the annual meeting, corporation members elect individuals to fill any vacancies on the Tyrone Hospital board of directors. Current board members eligible to serve an additional term are also re-elected.
Members of the Tyrone Hospital Corporation are encouraged to attend the annual meeting.
The VISION Committee, a group of Tyrone Hospital Corporation members, shares a commitment to \”provide quality health care including curing, healing and educational components to the people of Northern Blair County and surrounding communities\” as promised in Tyrone Hospital’s mission statement. Keeping Tyrone Hospital open as an acute care center is important to the community, friends and families. For this reason the VISION Committee will be nominating five candidates to the board of directors on Monday night. Each of the five candidates possess the essential qualities to be key assets on the Tyrone Hospital Board of Directors:
• All are corporate members of Tyrone Hospital,
• All use Tyrone Hospital for themselves and their families
• All are passionate about and dedicated to donating their time, skills and energy to helping Tyrone Hospital through this time of change.
Individual accomplishments and pertinent experiences of the VISION Committee\’s nominees: Heather Baumgarten, development of volunteer programs, prior hospital employment, and physician recruitment to hospitals; Paulette Davis, Office Manager for Daniel Friday, M.D. for 25 years, close working relationship with Tyrone Hospital for 25 years, and Dean of Academics at Grier for 10 years; Sarah DelBaggio, 10 years career experience as a Corporate Trainer, Political/Grassroots/Fundraising Campaigner and Strategic Marketing Manager; Louis Jourdain, M.D., current Board of Directors member whom the VISION Committee is supporting for re-election; Carrie Maceno, 28 years as a registered nurse, previous employment at Tyrone Hospital’s Intensive Care/Coronary Care Department, and is currently the assistant supervisor at Blair Gastroenterology.
With this strong group of accomplished individuals, the VISION Committee stated it will push for Tyrone Hospital to remain open as an acute care center and demand improvements in administration along with a renewed emphasis on the promise to deliver quality care at Tyrone Hospital.