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Urologist receives warm welcome from community

Members of the Tyrone Hospital family and community extended a warm welcome to David Oselinsky, M.D., a urologist from State College Urologic Associates who has opened a clinic on the campus of Tyrone Hospital.
Dr. Oselinsky held an open house at his Tyrone clinic, and many people attended to welcome him to the community and to learn more about the services he provides.
Urologic conditions treated by Dr. Oselinsky include: male and female urinary incontinence, impotence, prostatitis, prostate disease, cancers of the bladder, kidney, prostate and testis, interstitial cystitis, urinary tract infections (UTI), female urology, genitourinary trauma and kidney stone disease.
New patients are welcome and appointments are now being scheduled. To make an appointment, call 1-800-837-6062 and request an appointment at Dr. Oselinsky’s Tyrone office.
Open house At top, from left: Primo Lusardi of Tyrone greets urologist Dr. David Oselinsky at an open house Dr. Oselinsky held at his Tyrone clinic. In the bottom photo, Jerome DeJulia, M.D. Internal Medicine physician from Tyrone Medical Associates and President of the Tyrone Hospital Medical Staff talks with Dr. Oselinsky at the open house. After many years without a local urologist, people in Tyrone and surrounding areas can now access the services of Dr. Oselinksy at his office on the campus of Tyrone Hospital and will have easy access to Tyrone Hospital for any outpatient testing needed. (Courtesy photo)