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Tyrone Community Day raffle ticket winners announced

Friday was Tyrone Community Day at DelGrosso’s Park.
There were a variety of activities held throughout the day including a talent competition, mini-golf tournament as well as free ride and slide passes for kids.
There was also a raffle with many of the items being donated by local artists and crafters.
A handsewn Tyrone Blanket, made by Delores Duke was won by Rob DelGrosso.
Kelly Dolan created a custom decorated Tyrone ornament which was won by Jayme Chronister.
Another custom decorated, beaded Christmas Ornament by Dolan was won by Shirley Collinash.
Rob DelGrosso won a decorated broom and basket created by Delores Duke.
A handsewn Bellwood Blanket was won by Sandy Sefchick. It was also made by Delores Duke.
Allan Daniels won a handmade table runner made by Dotty Flemming.
Sherry Derman donated a lucky bamboo planter which was won by Sandi DelGrosso.
Diana Brinkman won a stained Glass American Star that was donated by Kopp Drug in Tyrone.
Scents of Life put together a candle gift basket which was won by Bo DelGrosso.
Also, Bells Run Country Shop, along Rt. 220, donated a country gift basket. The winner of this item was Steven Klingeman.
Four Altoona Curve tickets were won by Kari Black and Karen Zink took home a $25 gift certificate from Alice’s Garden.
Another four Altoona Curve tickets were won by Michelle Bridges.
A custom designed snow fairy was donated by Mary Lou Calderwood and won by Ashley Walk.
Epworth Manor donated an Americana Basket that was won by Linda DelGrosso.
Rose Black was the winner of a Tastefully Simple basket donated by Sandi DelGrosso.
A $150 photo session at Victoria Isenberg Photography was won by Tom Arnold and a patio/garden cement bird feeder from Laurie Isenberg, TLS Creations, was won by Kathy Nau.
Sandi DelGrosso took home an original Bill Dixon painting, which was donated by Cary Simpson.
An original stained glass creation by Sue Sorensen was won by Allan Daniels and a pen and ink original by Carolyn Patton was won by Christy Miller.
Sharon Dannaway was the winner of an aerial photo of Tyrone, donated by Will Snyder.
Kunzler and Co. Inc. donated meat coupons which went to Jim Sefchick.
Joe’s Place, in Vail, donated a $25 gift certificate, won by Marge Barner and finally, a Bland’s Park poster donated by Mary Brunner went to Linda Goldenbaum.
Anyone who was not present for the drawing can pick up their prize at The Daily Herald office on Pennsylvania Avenue.