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The Bull Pen renovates to cater to the community

The Bull Pen Restaurant, located on 1st Street and Washington Avenue along Route 220, has been a long-time fixture in the Tyrone community. Owner Harry K. Sickler Jr. and his son Tim Sickler, along with Tim\’s wife Kerry, wanted to change the appearance of the restaurant to cater to the community.
The renovations were completed by Mike Yeaton and his company, The Renovators, based in Ironville. The Bull Pen Manager Tim Sickler said Mike is a great guy and has great people working for him.
\”They helped us 100 percent. My father (Harry), wanted to make sure someone locally did the work because it keeps the money in our community,\” added Sickler.
Among the many visual changes, such as the beautiful wood chairs and antlered-based tables and colorful walls, creating a hunting lodge type atmosphere with a mix of sophistication, the restaurant\’s non-smoking section is definitely more apparent and closed in from the areas smoking is allowed.
Sickler noted, \”We definitely care about the people. The restaurant side is a lot better looking, a lot brighter and cleaner. In my opinion, we definitely went full circle from one extreme to another.\”
\”The bathrooms, banquet room and the non-smoking section on the far side of the restaurant are renovated to the point that they are all now handicap accessible. And as I said, everything is cleaner,\” added Sickler.
The Bull Pen went to extremes in elevating their appearance. There is only one pool table which is located in the bar area, and as far as memorabilia goes, which the restaurant has never lacked, it is now even more prominent and organized.
Sickler commented, \”The Monogram Club is important to us and we have it extremely well designated in the restaurant. You can see all of the inductees in the Hall of Fame, who are inducted every two years, all in one area now.\”
With all the renovations, The Bull Pen\’s main goal was to become more family oriented, and Sickler believes that has been accomplished. He said they want people to come in the restaurant and be happy to have a beer or sandwich, or bring their families in and be happy in any part of the establishment, including the banquet facility.
As far as menu changes, the restaurant tries to stay consistent, to maintain what they have had in the past and eliminate what is not selling. A few things that were added to the menu were pizza and smoked ribs, chicken and pork, thanks to a newly installed smoker. On Friday\’s, The Bull Pen offers a unique all you can eat \”frog legs\” dinner, for those who want to try something different.
But, the community is what\’s important to the Sickler family, and Harry and his family not only provides to the community, but also has given plenty every chance that is presented.
\”My father means one thing to this town and its community, and this is the only thing, the fact of providing a place to go for community projects, and he supports every single community project that ever comes up. That\’s what you see as far as the church situation and having a baseball field named after him at the high school. That means one thing, the fact of how much he\’s done for everything and everyone he can,\” stated Sickler.
He added, \”That\’s all that matters to him, helping whenever he can. It\’s community support. We have to give to the community and we want to.\”
By providing a safe and clean environment for customers and employees, The Bull Pen continues to serve and give back to the community. Although the appearance of the restaurant has been renovated, the same family oriented values and atmosphere is still well apparent.
\”We want the Tyrone community to realize we\’re here for them, that\’s all that matters,\” ended Sickler.