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New parking meters installed within Tyrone Borough

Tyrone Borough recently installed new electronic parking meters throughout downtown Tyrone. The old meters were outdated and replacement parts were no longer available.
The new meters, 144 in all, were installed by Parking Enforcement Officer Ron States where metered parking already existed, with the exception of a few places where meters will be eliminated.
Chief of Police Joe Beachem said he knows the meters in front of the old YMCA building will no longer be used, and possibly the meters at the lower end of 12th Street, but he is still waiting on word from the borough before it can be claimed as definite.
Another reason the electronic meters were installed was due to the Department of Agriculture informing the borough that its original 153 parking meters could not be calibrated or certified. Meters must be certified in order to be used.
The recently installed meters are different from the previous ones. Besides being electronic, the new meters only take quarters, compared to the old ones that took nickels and dimes.
\”It\’s a straight two hour meter throughout town, a quarter gets you 30 minutes and four quarters gives you the complete two hours, and that also includes the municipal parking lot in between the YMCA building and Gardner\’s Candies,\” said Parking Enforcement Officer Ron States.
States also added that people have shown concern about the municipal lot for those who park downtown all day, every day, having to leave work to constantly fill the meter. He said parking spaces can be rented in the lot and near the back of The Daily Herald office, and those interested can contact the borough office.
Since new meters have been installed, a new metered parking ordinance must be written, and Chief Beachem thinks the borough will most likely have that ready by the October 8 borough council meeting. Until then, metered parking is free within the borough, and fines will not be issued for metered parking.
Beachem added, \”The ordinance we currently have, you have to look through three different ordinances to figure out what one means, so I\’m hoping that instead of just amending the current ordinance, the new one will eliminate that process and clean it up so it\’s all in one ordinance.\”
Once the ordinance is officially completed, States said the borough will make sure the meters display the necessary information needed to know when and how much money it costs to use the meters.
Even though the meters are free right now, States said that people have been putting nickels and dimes into the meters and not getting any parking time out of it. He stresses that the meters will not register any time unless a straight quarter is used.
Currently, metered parking within the borough is enforced Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Parking tickets for an expired meter violation is $5. The new ordinance will most likely stay true to that enforcement.
Chief Beachem mentioned that some of the downtown business people have been complaining about illegal parking downtown, but he doesn\’t feel there is a parking problem in Tyrone. Either way, the new meters and ordinance should address any complaints.
States added, \”I know whenever we get the ordinance finished up, parking will be enforced pretty good in the borough, not just by me, but by the borough police officers as well.\”