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Keys transferred in Tyrone YMCA sale

Thursday marked the end of an era as the keys were officially transferred in the sale of the Tyrone Area YMCA building on Logan Avenue.
Pete Dutrow and Tammy Emigh were on hand to represent the Tyrone Area YMCA Board of Directors, while Senior Vice President Rick Paul and Assistant Vice President Cathy Igou represented Reliance Bank, and Glenn Ray of G & R Excavating all met in front of the YMCA building for the official transfer.
According to a press release provided by the YMCA board, the YMCA had been part of Tyrone since 1891, with the present building being part of the community since 1913.
The board stated in the release, “In January of 2003, we borrowed $137,000 from Reliance Bank to cover our taxes, boiler repairs and other debts. We were staying current with our bills and making progress until the Department of Labor and Industry did an onsight inspection and informed us of many needed repairs. That hurdle was being handled through a government grant that would cover those deficiencies.”
The board explained,“…in September of 2004 the flood destroyed our gym floor as well as the weight room. Without the revenue from these programs we were unable to survive. In November of 2004, the Board of Directors voted to terminate all activities, and December 30, 2004 we closed.”
The board added, “In February of 2005, we wrote all our creditors explaining our financial situation and asking them to waive all late fees and provide us with a revised bill reflecting their costs only and we would attempt to cover those costs. Several groups showing their empathy and support, canceled their bill. Several others sent revised bills.”
The press release explained that all bills were then satisfied, and the board continued by saying,“We put the building on the market for sale; however, we were unable to find a buyer even at a reduced price. At that time, we looked into filing for bankruptcy when we found we were unable to do so, and we contacted Dave Consiglio, who specializes in real estate law, and he suggested we contact the bank and ask them to forgive the $48,000 we owed them.
According to the release, “Reliance Bank was gracious enough to write off our loan.”
The board concluded by stating,“That brings us to the present. Thanks to Reliance Bank and Glenn Ray and with the guidance and legal advice of Dave Consiglio we have satisfied all issues with the Tyrone Area YMCA. It is unfortunate that the building deteriorated to this point; however it has been empty for two winters, and has left us with no other choice.”
Dutrow said that Ray, who purchased the building, has 90 days to decide what to do with it and then another 90 days to address the safety issues.
On any future plans for the building, Ray said on Thursday, “We haven’t made any decisions at all yet.”
Ray said one of the big issues with the building is the roof, among other problems.
“There has to be some major renovating if it is going to stay,” he said, adding that he would make the decision on what to do with the building in the next 30 days.
Ray said that next week G & R Excavating will be putting up a six-foot high fence around the front of the former YMCA building for added safety.