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Denver Smith is golden once again in decathlon

Tyrone native Denver “Junie” Smith, who now resides in Louisville, Ohio, didn’t have any luggage when he arrived in Birmingham, Alabama. But that didn’t deter Smith, once he got some help and some borrowed gear, Junie won his 11th national decathlon championship.
Denver won the 80-year old age group at the recent USATF National Master’s Decathlon/Heptathlon Championship at Spain Park High School.
The best educated guess is that Smith’s total of 11 national championships is the second highest total in the Master’s Division in the history of the US championships.
An unbelievable athlete at any age, Smith was guaranteed the crown once he finally got through the maze and mass of people standing in line in Atlanta, where his flight was delayed. Once he arrived at the high school, he found he was the only athlete in his age group. He spent most of Saturday scavenging for equipment just to be able to compete.
Smith believes that track is the epitome of sports, and the decathlon is the combination of all things track. He began participating in decathlons as a college student at Fairmont State in West Virginia.
Athletes representing 24 states and three countries traveled to the competition, coming from as far away as Washington, Oregon and Canada.