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VISION Committee of Tyrone Hospital Corporation to nominate individuals for election to board of directors

The VISION Committee of Tyrone Hospital Corporation shares a commitment to \”provide quality health care including curing, healing and educational components to the people of northern Blair County and surrounding communities\” as promised in the current mission statement of the local hospital.
The members of the VISION Committee are dedicating themselves to ensure that Tyrone Hospital remains a viable acute care facility providing the quality services Tyrone area residents have relied upon for almost 53 years.
On Monday, August 27, at the Tyrone Hospital Annual Meeting, the VISION Committee will be nominating five people for election to the board of directors. These five people have been asked to run for the board of directors because they possess the commitment and skills necessary to help Tyrone Hospital survive through these trying times. These community representatives are all corporate members of Tyrone Hospital, all use the hospital for themselves and their families, and they all are passionate about and dedicated to donating their time, skills, and energy to helping Tyrone Hospital through this time of change.
A plan of action to keep Tyrone Hospital open as an acute care facility has been constructed and submitted by the VISION Committee, and this plan is expected to bring, within the coming five years, sustainability for the hospital and a renewed commitment to the community.
The VISION Committee shares the community’s concern for Tyrone Hospital remaining open and operational, and the committee feels this current proposal is a practical resolution to this situation.
Tyrone Hospital has served the community for almost 53 years, healing the sick and mending the wounded. It was the dream of this area’s ancestors to have a hospital here in the community that could service the needs of the community, and that is what Tyrone Hospital has done successfully for over half a century.
The committee is unwavering that Tyrone Hospital can and should remain open, an asset providing quality care for the families and relatives of the community.