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Seven Tyroners arrested in summer crime spree

Local police officials, who have been busy over the summer months responding to what they’re calling an “inordinate amount of burglary, auto theft and theft-from-vehicle complaints,” are hoping that the arrests last week of seven individuals may put a dent in the recent influx of summer crime activity.
According to Tyrone Borough Police Chief Joe Beachem, he and his officers rounded up a group last Friday and Saturday, consisting of three juveniles and four adults, who police believe perpetrated many if not most or all of the incidents reported since June.
“Due to the number and nature of these calls we’ve been investigating throughout June, July and into August, we had to assign additional officers to regular patrols,” Beachem said in an interview with The Daily Herald. “On Friday, Aug. 24, and Saturday, Aug. 25, we arrested seven individuals in connection with this summer crime spree.
“Of these seven suspects, four adults — David Denny, Jordan Ramsey, Ryan Bowman and David Chathams, all 18 and all of Tyrone — were picked up and arraigned before Magisterial District Judge Fred Miller.
“Our investigation is continuing so that we can determine whether there are any other people involved in these crimes.”
Beachem said he believes that, since the early part of June, numerous vehicles, homes and businesses had become prey to the group of seven arrested last week. Of the specific crimes being probed, there were two burglaries at Logan Beverage over a three-day period, during which money and beer was taken. Police are also investigating several vehicle entries, where money and personal items were removed.
In one case, a firearm was removed from a car near Clay Avenue and 5th Street. That weapon has yet to be recovered.
“There have also been five reports of vehicles stolen throughout the borough,” the chief said. “All have since been recovered; however, two of them had been wrecked prior to those recoveries.”
Beachem reported that, during police interrogation of the suspects, one of them said the group referred to the car thefts as “car shopping.”
Two Tyrone Borough homes have also been burglarized during the summer crime spree. Both times, money was taken from inside.
“We’ll continue to investigate these occurrences,” Beachem noted. “We’re currently looking at some yet unsolved crimes to determine whether this same group of suspects might have been involved or whether there are others involved that we have yet to arrest.”
Of the four adults arrested, Denny was lodged in Blair County Prison in lieu of $20,000 cash bail. Bowman was also placed in Blair County Prison, with a $7,500 percentage bail. Chathams was released on $20,000 unsecured bail.
Ramsey, who was out on bail from a previous arrest earlier this year involving a vehicle theft, was lodged in Blair County Prison in lieu of $30,000 cash bond.
Anyone with information regarding similar crimes in the area is asked to contact Tyrone Borough Police at 684-1364.