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Orthopedic surgeons bring a variety of procedures close to home

Individuals in Tyrone and surrounding communities who need orthopedic care have access close to home through doctors from University Orthopedics Center (UOC) who are on the medical staff at Tyrone Hospital.
Christopher S. McClellan, D.O., joined the Tyrone Hospital medical staff about two years ago. Over the past year, Jack F. Rocco, MD and William Andrew (Andy) Tyndall, MD, Ph.D, and Bradley A. Barter, DO also joined the hospital’s medical staff. The UOC physicians perform surgery in Tyrone and are also on-call, on a rotating basis, for the Tyrone Hospital emergency room for any orthopedic emergencies.
As orthopedic surgeons, the doctors from UOC address a wide variety of conditions of the musculoskeletal system or the bones and muscles that support them.‑ Among the procedures they perform at Tyrone Hospital are hip and knee replacements, fracture repair, hand, shoulder, and elbow surgery.
‑“We come to Tyrone to make things more convenient for our patients who live in this area,” said Christopher McClellan, D.O.‑ “We also come and will continue to come because it supports Tyrone Hospital.”
Dr. McClellan said people who have their surgery at Tyrone Hospital have the same doctors and the same care they would receive at a much larger hospital. He said having surgery close to home has its advantages.
“Many people like the personalized attention they get at a small hospital. It may be more convenient for family, friends and neighbors to visit. It is also a shorter and more comfortable ride home after outpatient surgery or when an inpatient is discharged from the hospital.”
Inpatient and outpatient orthopedic patients also have access to physical and occupational therapy services through ProCare at Tyrone Hospital to assist with their recovery from orthopedic injuries and/or surgery.
‑‘When I have a patient that is from the Tyrone area, I offer to care for them at Tyrone Hospital,” said Dr. McClellan.‑ “Wherever a patient resides, they should feel free to request their surgery at Tyrone Hospital if that is where they want to go.”‑
‑Al Godissart, RN, Director of Outpatient Services at Tyrone Hospital, said the doctors from UOC fill a real need in the community. Approximately one quarter of the patients that visit Tyrone Hospital’s emergency room do so because of some type of orthopedic emergency. ‑
“A good portion of our community is comprised of senior citizens and this group also tends to have a lot of orthopedic needs.”
“We appreciate our working relationship with Tyrone Hospital,” said Jack F. Rocco, MD of UOC, “and we look forward to serving the community and hospital for years to come.”
For more information about the physicians at University Orthopedics Center or to schedule appointments, call 949-4050 or visit their website at
University Orthopedics Center and affiliated companies provide diagnostic, surgical and rehabilitation services for patients with musculo-skeletal injuries or chronic/degenerative orthopedic disorders. UOC, established in 1991, has office locations in Altoona, State College and Lewistown, and employs approximately 150 people. University Orthopedics Center is not affiliated with Penn State University.