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Diary from football camp

Other than the rain and the wet, the offense didn’t do very well today, we have to come back Wednesday morning, but our defensive practice was pretty good. Everybody attacked the ball well and went to their attack positions.
It was kind of cold today practicing in the rain. If it wasn’t so cold, it would have been fun, but with the wet and wind, it was chilly.
As a senior, it is easier because now you don’t have the responsibility of cleaning up all the equipment,
We do need, as seniors to have good leadership over the sophomores and juniors, and pick them up once in a while, even if Coach Franco yells. They just need to know, they have to work harder.
My favorite coach would be Coach Hildy (Hildebrand), because I get to work with him and he’s really funny and teaches you well. He knows how to explain things and doesn’t yell very much, although that is part of coaching.
I would play want to play defense. I like to play the ball, intercept the ball, hit people.
Ben Ingle is my buddy this year. I really think it’s a good way to get the team joined together and do stuff together, and learn about people.
The Bellwood game is the biggest game of the season, you want to go out and crush them. As seniors, we need a win over Bellwood before we graduate.
#7 Dustin Rudasill – Sr. WR/Saint (CB) – 5-8, 160