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Diary from football camp

The morning and afternoon sessions went really well today. We didn’t have our regular evening practice because of the “Meet the Eagles Night,” but Coach Franco will have us practice afterwards in the gym because of the rain.” Getting together for films helps us to get closer, they make us bond together as a team. The films show us what we need to do right and what we need to fix.
As a senior, this year, I am speaking up more, tell the sophomores to come harder at you and give you a better look. Take control what your position is and tell the kids below you that they need to step it up. We have a small class of seniors and some of the juniors are stepping up, but the seniors are doing a good job.
We need to execute better on offense before we start the regular season, and on defense learn what we have do and get reps.
Coach Franco would be my favorite coach at camp. He pushes you to be a better ballplayer and a better person.
If I could only play one way, I would choose defense, because I like to hit people.
Dustin Lewis is my buddy. I like the buddy system, it makes us grow together as a team. When we give our buddies out like we did on Wednesday, it bonds us stronger as a team.
The Bellwood game means a lot. It’s tradition, it’s a rivalry, it’s central Pennsylvania football!
#82 Brandon Gehret – WR/DB – 5-8, 150