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Diary from football camp

We came out today being a little excited about being the last day of three-a-days, but everybody kept up the intensity. Everybody came together as a team and we really were able to build on what we had from the beginning of the week.
The first day we came out real sluggish, then throughout the week, the coaches kept getting on us on getting better, getting better and going harder and getting tougher.
The seniors have stepped up and a few juniors have stepped up, and we have been getting better as a team.
It’s a big difference from last year, when we had a lot of senior leadership, this year with fewer seniors, we had a tough time with leadership. But now the few seniors we have, we’ve been stepping up.
I think for the first scrimmage tomorrow, we want to figure out who can play, and whose going to go hard every play, come through and be the tougher man.
I would love to play defense, but Coach Franco is kind of pushing me towards offensive side, so I had to learn to like the offensive side.
My buddy is Eric Desch. It’s great for the team. We only get to know one person, in general, but at the end of camp we get to know every single person. That brings us all together as a team.
The Bellwood game is always first and is the most important game of the season. Ever since conditioning camp and since the beginning of summer, everybody has just been focused on Bellwood. That’s how it always is, the ‘Backyard Brawl.’ It’s the biggest game around here. We just try to put together our team, come out and go hard on every play and hopefully come out on top.
Editor’s Note: The Tyrone scrimmage has been moved back to 11 a.m. this morning at St. Francis University, against Cambria Heights and Bishop Carroll.
# 64 Brock Anders – Sr. C/DE – 5-8, 190