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Diary from football camp

Because of the weather, practice was a lot different today. Since it was raining, we went inside to practice in the gym. When you go in there, everybody is a little more sluggish, a little bit slower. You just don’t have the outside football effect.
All-in-all, I think practice went alright, considering the difficulties, not having a regular practice.
Since we are done with three-a-days, we had to be here this morning by 10:45. We met at the fieldhouse and then lifted for about 45 minutes to an hour. Then we went to the Bull Pen for lunch and messed around for a little bit, and then watched films until about a quarter till or three o’clock and from there we went to practice.
After you have a little bit of a break, like over the weekend, and have some time to take it easy, it’s always hard to jump right back into the routine again and go full tilt.
Coach Franco told us for the first scrimmage on Saturday, he just wanted us to go out there and show him who the hitters are, give some of the underclassmen a good look for playing time and just go out and hit people.
Seeing that we only have a handful of seniors this year, I would say the senior leadership is doing exceptionally well. Returners like Shane Emigh, Shayne Tate, Josh Bradley, Brock Anders and Johnny Franco, every senior plays a certain role, everyone does their part.
If I could only play one way, I would like to play defense. Tyrone is always known for a great defense and it is just an honor to be part of that.
My buddy is Cody Smith. I think it is a great program. You have an intimidating senior who buddies up with a new underclassman sophomore or maybe a junior. It definitely helps to combine individuals to make a team.
The Bellwood game is everything around here. It’s right down the road. That’s all we prepare for. What it means to me is, I have one more year left to play football and I want to make it count.
# 5 Jesse Walk – Sr. FB/DE/LB – 5-8, 175