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Colonel Crowther weekend of events begins tomorrow at Reservoir Park

“The cavalry is coming!” said foundation President Bob Hileman Jr. in announcing an addition to the reenactment units that will be participating in the Colonel Crowther weekend activities to be held at Reservoir Park in Tyrone tomorrow and Sunday.
“This completes the picture,” he said in describing the encampment that already has infantry and artillery units committed for the weekend.
Colonel James Crowther was a commissioned officer in the Pennsylvania Militia in the Washington Infantry, Tyrone Artillery, and Tyrone Cavalry. As Captain of the Tyrone Cavalry, he led this company in the 90-day service where they were Company D of the 14th Pennsylvania Infantry.
Captain Crowther and the men of the Tyrone Cavalry returned to military service less than a month after they completed their 90-day service. On September 5, 1861, an item in the Huntingdon Globe, announcing the establishment of Camp Crossman, located three miles from Huntingdon, stated, “The camp was opened on Wednesday morning (Sept. 4) – the first company entering the camp was from Tyrone, Captain Crowther’s.”
Foundation President Hileman said, “We are very happy to have this cavalry unit, representing the Tyrone Cavalry, with us for demonstrations on Saturday at 11 a.m. and 2:35 p.m.”
The Colonel Crowther Foundation is also pleased to once again have artist and author Jared Frederick join them for this special weekend. Jared presented his portrait of Colonel James Crowther to the foundation last year. It will be displayed at the Foundation’s headquarters.
“Jared is a very talented artist. We are always delighted to display his work,” said Hileman. “He has created a sketch, Crowther in Camp, for the event this year and he will be with us at the Foundation’s headquarters in the encampment both Saturday and Sunday to sign copies of the sketch and his books.
“We are looking forward to a wonderful weekend and hope that many people form Tyrone and surrounding areas will join us at Reservoir Park,” President Hileman said.
This special weekend of activities will begin with Reveille and the raising of the “Fort Sumter Flag” at the main entrance to the park at 9 a.m. on Saturday.