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Tyrone Hospital accepting United Healthcare insurance

Families and individuals covered by United Healthcare insurance can access Tyrone Hospital and its affiliated medical staff as participating providers of United Healthcare as of August 1, 2007.
‑“We are pleased to add United Healthcare to the broad array of health insurances accepted at Tyrone Hospital,” said George Berger, Chief Financial Officer. “While we accept all insurances, it is most cost effective for people to select participating providers within their companies’ health insurance plan.”
Tyrone Hospital accepts most of the major health insurance plans that cover Blair County and surrounding areas. Among the major plans accepted at Tyrone Hospital are Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans, Geisinger, Gateway, Unison, UPMC, Aetna, Tricare, Preferred Healthcare and Health America.
Joe Adams, Director of Patient Financial Services at Tyrone Hospital said if someone is covered by a health insurance plan other than the major plans noted they may still have access to Tyrone Hospital.
“There are hundreds of plans that we work with. We suggest people contact their insurance company and ask if Tyrone Hospital is listed as a participating provider.”‑
Adams said most insurance companies provide a Member Services Number, which is usually located on the back of their insurance card that can be called to verify that Tyrone Hospital is participating in their insurance plan. The same number can be used to verify if they have out of pocket expenses, co-pays and coinsurances on certain types of services.‑
Adams said one of the biggest confusions for people with regard to their health insurance is that many insurances have multiple plans and the different plans carry different coverage.
“If you are not sure which hospitals and doctors you can go to or what services are covered, it is a good idea to contact member services.”