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Tyrone Borough Council meets, agrees to work with Snyder Township on park project

Tyrone Borough Council met for their July meeting Monday evening in the Council Chambers.
The meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by Mayor Jim Kilmartin.
Council Members Don Boytim and Steve Hanzir were absent from the meeting. All other Council Members were present.
It was announced that Council held an executive session prior to the meeting to discuss litigation and personnel issues.
During the public comment portion of the meeting, Bill Bell from the Rotary Club of Tyrone was present to request Council approval to place benches at the amphitheater at Reservoir Park. Bell said they would leave enough room in front of the amphitheater for people to put blankets down if they wish to sit on them while watching concerts. Council approved this project by the Rotary.
The other individuals present for the public comment portion of the meeting were representatives from Dance Fusion. During a recent summer workshop, when they had children ranging from ages 7-18 at their dance studio, three teenage boys were hanging around outside their studio. The boys were continuously walking past the studio, each time removing another piece of their clothing. The final time the boys walked past the studio, they were not wearing any clothing from the waist down. When Dance Fusion instructors asked the boys to leave, they did not. Instructors then called the police. In her comments, Lindsay Folk, the owner of Dance Fusion explained that she and her instructors were upset with the reaction of the Tyrone Police Department. According to Folk, when Tyrone Police arrived on scene, the officer basically blew them off and used a “boys will be boys” attitude. Borough Manager Sharon Dannaway explained to Dance Fusion representatives that this was the first time she heard about this incident and the Borough would look into it.
Following the public comment portion of the meeting, Council approved the minutes from the June 20 meeting and financials for the month of July.
Borough Manager Sharon Dannaway had a few items to report. Dannaway said that Snyder Township officials contacted the Borough concerning a parcel of land the Borough owns along Van Scoyoc Hollow Road in Snyder Township. Snyder Township officials would like to purchase the property from Tyrone Borough to be used as a community park, with playground equipment and athletic fields. Two Snyder Township Supervisors, Charlie Diehl and Bernie Sherwin, were present to discuss this issue. Supervisors said this would be for the good of the children in the Tyrone area, not just Snyder Township. Some Council Members questioned how much the youth from Tyrone Borough would actually be using it, with the same facilities in the Borough and with transportation issues. However, there was an overwhelming consensus of Council to have an appraisal of the property completed and look into working with Snyder Township to sell the property. Mayor Kilmartin encouraged officials from both municipalities, which have had some contention between them in the past, to begin to work together and this one way for this to happen.
Dannaway also reported that she was contacted by officials from Gamesa, regarding the placement of a second test tower on Ice Mountain. Josh Framel, a representative from Gamesa was present at the meeting to discuss the issue. Framel provided an addendum to the original lease for Borough Solicitor Larry Clapper to review. The addendum doubled the price that Gamesa will be paying to lease the parcel of land where the test towers will be placed. Framel said that the second tower would assist Gamesa in deciding how many wind turbines they could place at the site. In May of this year, Gamesa discussed the option of placing a full wind farm at this location.
The final item in the Borough Manager’s report dealt with the bid award for the 2007 street paving program. The bids were opened on June 28, 2007. Only one bid was received, which was from New Enterprise Stone and Lime Co., Inc. The price of the bid was $108,960.75. This was a slightly higher amount than the Borough has in their budget for this project. Council decided to slightly downsize the project for 2007 and accept the bid from New Enterprise. Borough officials will seek advice from the highway department as to what roads will be eliminated from the project.
Code Enforcement Officer Tom Lang reported that the Blazing Arrow Hook and Ladder Fire Company (Hookies) have requested permission to combine two parcels of land adjacent to their property into the existing parcel of land at 1216 Blair Avenue to create one lot on one deed. The owners of a property located on Riverside Avenue have also requested a lot consolidation into one lot and one deed. Council approved the consolidation into one deed for both properties.
Lang also reported that the owners of the property located at 978-980 Pennsylvania Avenue, located at the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and 10th Street have submitted an application for a demolition permit for this building located on this property. The Borough is waiting to hear from the state for approval, since there are issues with asbestos removal and various other requirements that have to be met. Once all requirements are met, demolition is scheduled to start within 30 days.
Also in Lang’s report, representatives from S&A Homes, the owners of the former Lincoln Elementary School, located at 1317 Lincoln Avenue, met with Borough officials regarding the re-use of the property. The proposal from S&A Homes called for demolition of a portion of the former school building with a portion of the lot then given to the Borough for a public park. The remaining portion of the building would be renovated for senior housing. Senator John Eichelberger and Representative Mike Fleck have promised their support and will assist in seeking possible funds for the park and school renovation.
The Borough Engineer had nothing to report at this meeting.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 p.m.
The next meeting of the Tyrone Borough Council will be held on Monday, August 13 at 7 p.m. at the Tyrone Municipal Building.