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State police projects, ‘Maximum Effort’ and ‘Road Check 2007’ result in safer highways

Dangerous drivers, unsafe commercial vehicles, weapons and illegal drugs were all removed from Pennsylvania highways by the Pennsylvania State Police after a recent crackdown, known as “Operation Maximum Effort” and “Road Check 2007”.
According to State Police Commissioner Jeffrey B. Miller, this is a program aimed at removing fugitives, drugs, weapons, contraband and unsafe vehicles from the highways, along with taking an aggressive approach to traffic law enforcement efforts during the summer driving season.
‘Road Check’ was designed to ensure commercial vehicle safety compliance through aggressive enforcement, where ‘Maximum Effort’ placed five teams of State Troopers on major highways across the Commonwealth. Each Trooper that was part of ‘Maximum Effort’ received training through operation shield, which teaches law enforcement officers how to identify potential signs of criminal activity after a vehicle has been stopped for any routine traffic violation, such as speeding. During ‘Maximum Effort’, State Police canine handlers and their dogs were assigned to each team of Troopers.
During this three day crackdown, in which State Police stated was successful, they made 50 criminal arrests, captured 12 fugitives, detained 66 illegal aliens, placed 785 commercial vehicles out of service, placed 195 commercial drivers out of service, issued 1,194 speeding citations and 74 motorists with driving under the influence.
Miller also stated this detail led to the seizure of three weapons, four vehicles, two stolen vehicles, $267,873 in cash, 899 baggies of heroin, 1,693 grams of marijuana, 44 grams of cocaine and a small amount of methamphetamine.
State Police also increased radar and aerial speed enforcement details.
This was the third year the State Police have participated in the ‘Operation Maximum Effort’ and the first year for operation ‘Road Check’.