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Presbyterians will search for spiritual sedative

At 10:30 morning worship, this Sunday, July 29, the 79 members of Tyrone Presbyterian Church will search for a spiritual sedative, as they focus on The Lord’s Prayer in both word and song.
Epworth Manor Chaplain and Interim Presbyterian Pastor Mark Liller of The Church Of The Brethren Denomination will bring The Morning Message entitled “Father, Forgiveness, And Faithfulness.” Reverend Liller will use Chapter Eleven Of Luke’s Gospel as The Scriptural Foundation for His Homily. In Luke Eleven, Christ’s Disciples interrupted Jesus in the midst of His Prayer with this Request, “Lord, teach us to pray, as John The Baptist also taught His Disciples.”
The Lord responded to His Disciple’s Request by providing them with The Beauty and The Balance of The Lord’s Prayer.
Eileen Kough Mitchell, daughter of The Late Paul and JoAnn Brisbin Kough of Warriors Mark, will echo Pastor Liller’s Message when she sings Albert Hay Malotte’s beloved 1935 Musical Setting of “The Lord’s Prayer.” Besides singing “The Lord’s Prayer,” Mrs. Mitchell also will lead Tyrone Presbyterians when they lift their voices to sing Jon Mohr’s 1987 Praise Chorus entitled “Find Us Faithful.” In 2007, while they celebrate The 150th Anniversary Of Their Church, local Presbyterians continue to sing “Find Us Faithful” as A Musical Reminder of their Christian Mission in Tyrone in this New Century. They also appreciate singing “Find Us Faithful” as A Refreshing Contrast to the more Traditional Menu Of Hymns that they have utilized in Worship across The Decades.
In addition to leading The Contemporary Praise Chorus “Find Us Faithful,” Mrs. Mitchell also will direct the audience in a rendition of Baptist Preacher Robert Lowry’s Gospel hymn entitled, “How Can I Keep From Singing?” Presbyterians consider this hymn A Fitting Close to their 10:30 Worship Service on this Final Sunday in July, since Mrs. Mitchell has instructed and inspired other Tyrone Vocalists “to keep on singing.” These Vocalists include Singers who greatly have enriched The Musical Life Of The Church and The Community — Mrs. Deborah Huff Estright, Mrs. Karen Sollenberger Mogle, and Mrs. Lauretta Varner Dane.
Richard Merryman, Presbyterian Organist since 1972 and Recital Organist for The Allen Organ Company throughout Central Pennsylvania, will introduce “How Can I Keep From Singing?” on The 1935 Baldwin Grand Piano, donated to The Church by The Presbyterian Philanthropist who gave the land for Tyrone’s Gray Memorial Football Field — Mrs. Adda Gray.
In the midst of the hot and hectic days of summer, the 79 members of First Presbyterian Church invite the people of Tyrone to join them for 10:30 morning worship this Sunday, July 29, as they search for A Spiritual Sedative in that Beloved Prayer Jesus taught His Disciples so many centuries ago.