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Presbyterians to host Norm Huff and Karen Mogle as worship leaders

At the 10:30 morning service on Sunday, July 15, the 79 members of Tyrone Presbyterian Church will welcome soprano Karen (Sollenberger) Mogle and Reverend Norman E. Huff as worship leaders.
Reverend Huff will deliver a message entitled “The Good News Of Love And Grace,” based on The New Testament Epistle Of Colossians. Presently, Pastor Huff serves as Interim Minister at Lower Spruce Creek Presbyterian Church. He frequently also leads worship at Tyrone Presbyterian Church, in the absence of Presbyterian Supply Pastor Reverend Mark Liller, Chaplain at Epworth Manor.
A much sought after singer, Karen Mogle will present two contemporary Christian solos, accompanied by CD, as a welcome contrast to Tyrone Presbyterian’s traditional worship service. A graduate of Williamsburg Area High School and the wife of Tyrone native Timothy Mogle, Karen and her husband reside on Highland Drive, and are the parents of two grown daughters — Rebecca and Melissa. For the past twenty-nine years, Mrs. Mogle has worked as a staff assistant in Penn State’s College Of Education.
In her spare time, Mrs. Mogle enjoys singing, playing the piano, gardening and sewing. She also serves as Assistant Director Of The Youth Choir at Tyrone’s Grace Baptist Church. For many years, she participated as a singer and an accompanist for the adult choir at Church Of The Good Shepherd, under the direction of Mrs. Eileen (Kough) Mitchell.
To enhance his message about “The Good News Of Love And Grace,” Pastor Huff will lead the audience in an Old Fashioned Gospel Hymn Sing with three hymns that parallel his sermon theme — Hear The Good News Of Salvation, Love Lifted Me, and Wonderful Grace Of Jesus. Church organist Richard Merryman will provide hymn accompaniment on the Allen Digital Computer Organ in Tyrone Presbyterian Church, using both classical and theatrical organ stops.
As citizens approach the mid-summer of 2007, the 79 members of Tyrone Presbyterian Church encourage people to begin their week with a 10:30 blended worship service that will include A Biblical Message by Reverend Huff, Modern Music by Soprano Karen Mogle, and An Old-fashioned Gospel Hymn Sing about Good News, God’s Love, and Divine Grace.