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PennDOT reminds motorists of increased patrols on I-99 during fireworks

PennDOT and Hollidaysburg State Police issued a warning to all motorists that parking or standing along Interstate 99 to watch Fourth of July fireworks displays near area amusement parks is illegal.
Parking along an interstate highway creates a potentially dangerous situation when motorists are slowing to pull onto the shoulder or are attempting to return to high speed traffic. The Pennsylvania vehicle code prohibits motorists from standing or parking a vehicle along any portion of a limited access highway, such as Interstate 99.
PennDOT will place orange cones along the shoulders of portions of Interstate 99 near amusement parks to emphasize to motorists that parking along the highway is illegal.
Hollidaysburg State Police will also have increased patrols along Interstate 99 during the fireworks displays at both DelGrosso’s Amusement Park near Tipton and Bellwood and Lakemont Park near Altoona.
Violators may have their vehicle towed immediately and could be cited for related traffic violations.
PennDOT and State Police also would like to remind motorists to drive safely in highway work zones and remember to turn on their headlights when signs instruct them to do so. PennDOT will attempt to remove lane restrictions where it is possible. However, motorists may still have to negotiate lane restrictions in larger projects.
A list of a few of the local interstate lane restrictions include Interstate 99: Bedford County, single lane traffic from exit 15 (Sproul) to a mile south of exit 1 and Blair County: Single lane traffic in both directions from exit 48 (Tyrone) to Bald Eagle (the end of current I-99).
Local restrictions on Interstate 80 include Centre County: Eastbound and westbound single lanes for approximately five miles from mile-marker 164 to mile marker 159. These restrictions will be lifted for July 3, 4, and 5, but resume July 6. Clearfield County: Eastbound and westbound, single lanes will vary across six miles from exit 120 (Clearfield) to mile marker 126; 16-foot width restrictions. These restrictions will be lifted for July 3, 4, and 5, but resume July 6. Union County: One mile of single-lane traffic eastbound near the Clinton County/Union County line, around mile marker 195. One mile of single-lane traffic westbound at mile marker 208, two miles west of Route 15 (exit 210).
For a complete list of lane restrictions, you can visit PennDOT’s web site at and click on ‘Highway Construction Map’.