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Miracle League needs northern Blair County players!

Oriole Jay Fry of Williamsburg puts his best foot forward as he slides home to score his first homer of the day. More than 80 runs were scored in Saturday’s Blair County Miracle League action, played at the newly constructed Eldorado Kiwanis baseball field. Amazingly, the final score was again a tie – Orioles 42 / Pirates 42. (Courtesy photo)
During the running of her second home run of the game, Dasha Kirby of Summerhill has just enough energy to dive head first into home plate, beating the tag of catcher/umpire/cheerleader Brian Chilcote. The 7-year-old scored three times during the game, with her first at bat being an inside the park home run. The games are played on the Eldorado Kiwanis field each Saturday through the end of September. New players are always welcome! (Courtesy photo)
Six-year-old rookie player Aaron Elman of Altoona knocked catcher/umpire Brian Chilcote out of his way to score a run. It was Aaron\\\’s first Miracle League run. New players are welcome. Just get to the Eldorado Kiwanis Field a little early before Saturday\\\’s game and fill out the forms. Uniforms are waiting! (Courtesy photo)