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Local resident now making bamboo plant arrangements

Sherry Derman of Tyrone is shown proudly here with her ‘Lucky Bamboo’ creations.
While visiting her son in Malibu this summer, along with some rather fascinating indigenous cacti, Sherry Derman was drawn to a certain plant that her son had in his home.
After asking numerous questions regarding this plant, her son told Sherry that it was called a “Lucky Bamboo” and that best of all, it needed no soil to grow. The evening before she flew home, Sherry drove to Ralph’s, a supermarket in Malibu, where she purchased two lonely shoots.
She purchased several other ones online and liked the simplicity of them. Sherry wanted to bring them here, to Tyrone, so more people could enjoy them. That is why she started to make arrangements to sell.
Sherry said she makes several arrangements every day and started selling them this week. The arrangements can be found at Patrice’s Boutique and Shear Magic Salon, both on Pennsylvania Avenue, Tyrone.
“I will also make custom-made arrangements, provided that I have the necessary plants,” said Sherry. “If I don’t have them, I can have them inside a week. They usually ship out on Mondays and Tuesdays so that they can get back East before the weekend.”
Sherry said that according to ancient folklore, bamboo plants have been given as gifts to friends and loved ones during times of celebrations. A wedding, a birth, a house-warming, the beginning of the New Year, a new business endeavor or just an expression of wishing someone good fortune are all perfect times to give gifts of Lucky Bamboo. Even today, Lucky Bamboo, known as DracaenaSanderiana, has found its way around the modern world.
It will grow indoors for years with little or no care, requiring only enough fresh water to keep its roots moist at all times. Lucky Bamboo adapts to all moderate to low light situations and thrives on temperatures ranging from 40 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.