Epworth Manor and Bellwood area native celebrates 101st birthday

Epworth Manor resident Margaret Weaver has had an amazing number of experiences and accomplishments, not to mention having lived in several different corners of the country.
On July 16, Margaret celebrated a very special birthday, her 101st birthday.
Growing up on a 150 acre farm just outside of Bellwood, the oldest of seven children, Margaret was the only daughter in her family, with six brothers. All of whom were able to walk a very short distance to school since the school building was nearly adjacent to their farm. Margaret also was in charge of milking at their family farm.
However, that was just the beginning of a variety of experiences that Margaret has had.
Margaret attended Hood College in Frederick, Maryland and completed college in California. After completing college, she started a career in education. She spent a number of years teaching Junior and Senior High School students, teaching history for the most part.
It was also in California that she met her husband, Charles Weaver.
Following her Junior and Senior High School teaching career, Margaret had a second career in military service, in which she moved to Georgia.
She taught calisthenics in a branch of the Air Force for women, which is no longer in existence.
She is the last surviving member of her immediate family. However, Margaret has a few cousins in the Lewistown area.
Margaret returned to central Pennsylvania 20 years ago. She celebrated her special day with a number of other residents, and they joined her for dinner. Last year, on her 100th birthday, she received a letter from the President.
Margaret remains active. She participates in bingo and most of the activities offered at Epworth Manor.
Margaret is a fascinating person to talk to about her experiences, not to mention a terrific example to everyone on how to stay active when reaching over 100 years of age.