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CPHS looking to ‘double up!’ membership

The Central Pennsylvania Humane Society is looking for new members.
The shelter has about 1,200 dues paying members at present. CPHS officials say membership fees help to defray the cost of operations but “doesn’t come close to covering all the necessary expenses.”
“We’re making some changes we hope will help us and we solicit member involvement. We need to double our ranks,” said Dave Hopkins, CPHS Director of Fundraising/Public Relations.
Beginning immediately, CPHS will undertake a special campaign designed to raise awareness of the need for the shelter. They are asking current members to do two things: First- renew their membership now. The current system of memberships is cumbersome, according to CPHS officials, and there is no effective way (without a cost involved) to remind people to renew.
“We want to change our system making July the one month every year that membership renewals are due,” said Hopkins.
“And….we hope folks will not only renew now (even if they’re not due)….but ask a friend, family member, relative or co-worker to join as well. By doubling our membership, we can afford to improve our services/care not only to our homeless animals, but to our customers as well!”
Hopkins suggests giving a CPHS membership as a birthday present… gift…..or retirement offering. According to Hopkins, memberships are not expensive ($20 for an individual, $15 for a senior and $30 for a family).
The shelter is in the process of creating new and expanding veterinary services.
“We have already set up a clinic area where spay/neuter operations and other procedures designed to improve the health of as many animals as possible are performed. All that is costly.”
For more information on the “Double-up” campaign or to renew your membership, call Dave Hopkins at 942-2477 today and “help us make a better tomorrow for homeless animals!”