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Avalanche Ranch Bible School

Recently, Avalanche Ranch Bible School was held at St. Matthew Church. There were 16 preschoolers, 40 students and about 40 student-helpers. The kids had a great time singing with Mrs. Laura Harris and Shane Gherrity. They met in the church at 9 a.m. and practiced their new songs and repeated their practice at the end of the day. By the time Friday came around, they were quite proficient at singing and dancing and delighted their parents with a program. The program was blessed to have three students return from college to be station leaders. Marie Delbaggio, Gretchen Kreckel and Shane Gherrity all delighted the children with their enthusiasm. The children learned a new Bible story each day, did a craft, and enjoyed games directed by Amy Brisbin. On day one at the craft area, Lisa Caporuscio and Deb Zakrzwski had the children make bags to carry their precious Bible buddies in. The Bible buddies remind the children of the Bible verses and points they learn all year long. On Friday, the children were pleased with the roping demonstration by Mary Boscaino. She lassoed a pretend cow for them. Mrs. Ann Beachem was in charge of the snacks for the kids. With directors Gia Patton, Nicole Swope and Denise Kreckel, the week was quite successful and ran quite smoothly despite the challenges of the church construction. Avalanche Ranch was fun for all. (Courtesy photo)