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Altoona man arrested for soliciting supposed Tyrone minor over the internet

Tyrone Police arrested an Altoona man after he made contact with someone who he thought was a 14-year-old girl from Tyrone on a web page.
The person who posed as ‘Jessica’, a 14-year-old girl from Tyrone, was actually Tyrone Borough Council Vice President William Latchford.
Latchford acted on his own and created this persona for the internet on Latchford belongs to a group dedicated to the protection of children from predators on the internet.
Latchford first met with Tyrone Police on July 18, 2007 to inform them of his contact with the Altoona man, Jeff Karle, age 45. Latchford first made contact as ‘Jessica’ on July 14 and Karle was aware of how old ‘Jessica’ supposedly was. Karle told ‘Jessica’ that it was okay that she was 14.
During the time period between July 14 and July 18, when Latchford met with police, Karle discussed a variety of graphic sexual acts that he enjoys, also asking what “turns you on”, and asking ‘Jessica’ if she wanted to be his girlfriend.
On July 19, Karle asked ‘Jessica’ if she would like to get together and that he would “love to be her first” and have sex with her. They made arrangements to meet at the Wendy’s near Altoona Hospital on July 20.
Two officers from the Tyrone Police Department were present and identified Karle through pictures printed off When police spotted him, a Tyrone Police Officer not in uniform went inside the Wendy’s, displayed his badge, and told him he was under arrest and to step outside the restaurant. A uniformed Tyrone Police Officer was also present at the Altoona Wendy’s.
At this point Karle became physically tense and would not comply with orders to relax and put his hand behind his back. Karle then struggled and attempted to run away. Officers had to physically subdue him. After a brief struggle, he complied.
Karle was then transported to the Tyrone Police Department. Karle admitted to Tyrone Police Officers that he was having problems with his girlfriend and that he was going to meet with ‘Jessica’ at Wendy’s to teach his girlfriend a lesson that he could get another girlfriend. Karle also said that he thought ‘Jessica’ was 39-years-old.
Tyrone Police Officers Billy Mayes and Dustin Rhoades explained the printouts of his conversations with ‘Jessica’ that stated she was 14. Karle said he couldn’t call Tyrone Police Officers liars.
Karle stated that he knew he made a big mistake and that he had come to Wendy’s to meet “Jessica’ and if she looked 14-years-old, he would have confronted her about the dangers of the internet.
Karle was charged with: one count criminal attempt, unlawful contact with a minor; one count criminal attempt, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse; one count criminal attempt, statutory sexual assault; one count criminal attempt, aggravated indecent assault; one count criminal attempt, interference with custody of children; one count criminal attempt, corruption of minors; one count criminal attempt, indecent assault; one count criminal solicitation, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse; one count criminal solicitation, statutory sexual assault; one count criminal solicitation, aggravated indecent assault; one count criminal solicitation, interference with the custody of children; one count criminal solicitation, corruption of minors and one count resisting arrest.
He was arraigned before Magisterial District Judge Fred Miller.