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Tyrone Hospital Art Gallery now featuring photography

Pictured is Annette Nagle of Altoona showing two of the photographs from her collection that are on display in the Tyrone Hospital Art Gallery. The public is welcome to visit the gallery located on the first floor of Tyrone Hospital. Nagle’s exhibit will remain on display through August 19.‑

The Tyrone Hospital Art Gallery is now featuring the photography of Annette Nagle of Altoona of AMeN Photography. Nagle’s exhibit will be on display until August 19.
Nagle is a freelance photographer. She is sixteen-years-old and this is her first exhibit.
She has been fascinated with photographs since her childhood. When she was eleven-years-old, her parents gave her access to a camera and that was her entrée to photography. One of her photography projects at the age of thirteen was to capture images of her parents’ music ministry PreciousDay at various coffeehouse performances. The project sparked an interest in formally developing her photography. She has since developed a portfolio and she continues to build her repertoire daily.
The topics of the photographs she has on display at Tyrone Hospital are eclectic and include flowers, animals, portraits, architecture and nature scenes. ‑
Nagle said she carries her camera with her always. Her camera ready state has allowed her to capture images in the moment. She captured an image of lightning illuminating a night sky in a shot taken through her bedroom window. There are also photos of fireworks over Lakemont Park and a striking photo of a sunset on the Cresson and Ebensburg mountains in her collection.
In addition to photography, Nagle is involved in other artistic pursuits including singing, painting, drawing, writing, and playing piano and a variety of hobbies.
Her favorite artists are her mother Catherine Nagle, Vincent Van Gogh, Auguste Renoir and Claude Monet.
For more information about the Tyrone Hospital art gallery, contact Theresa Yanchetz at 684-6348 or Annette Lynn at 684-6315.