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A theft incident occurred along Hoover’s Lane in Snyder Township, May 21.
Hollidaysburg State Police report that unknown actor(s) removed a 2006 Tierra Motorsport Dirt Bike, 2003 Yamaha Street Bike, and 2006 Bombardier four-wheeler from an open PoleBarn at the residence of Samuel C. Fogal. All items were owned by Fogal except for the Bombardier four-wheeler, which was owned by Harry Miller of Altoona.
The Yamaha Street Bike was recovered by Hollidaysburg State Police prior to this incident being reported.
A theft incident occurred at Caracciolo’s Metal Yard in Antis Township, sometime between June 9 and June 11.
Hollidaysburg State Police report that unknown actor(s) removed 14 solid bars of aluminum (ingots) from the inside fenced-in area of the yard.
Total value of the items stolen is $600.
A one vehicle accident occurred along SR 453 in Tyrone Township in the rock cut near quarry road, June 12.
Hollidaysburg State Police report that Justin Brown of Spruce Creek was traveling east on SR 453. According to Brown, he fell asleep and drove off the roadway. When he drove off the roadway, Brown struck some very large rocks and his vehicle rolled onto its side, struck some more rocks, then rolled back onto its wheels, coming to rest facing north in the west bound lanes.
Brown was not injured, mostly attributing to the fact that he was wearing his seatbelt.
An incident of criminal mischief occurred along Maple Street in the Northwood section of Snyder Township, June 12.
Hollidaysburg State Police reported that unknown actor(s) used a pellet rifle or pistol and shot through a kitchen window at the residence of James and Anita Sprankle. The same pellet impacted an interior wall.
The total cost of the damaged window and wall is $400.
A two vehicle accident occurred along SR 4019 (Old Sixth Avenue) just south of the intersection with Sandbank Road in Antis Township , June 13.
Hollidaysburg State Police report that a 17-year-old juvenile male with a learner’s permit was traveling south and William Hagerty, age 27, of Altoona was traveling north on SR 4019. Both vehicles entered into a curve in the roadway. The 17-year-old male, traveling through a right curve in the roadway, drifted across the double yellow line. At the point of impact, the male juvenile’s front end impacted Hagerty’s tire in Hagerty’s travel lane. The vehicle operated by the male juvenile bounced away from Hagerty’s vehicle and came to rest on the west berm and in a private yard. Hagerty’s vehicle parked on the east berm.
The 17-year-old juvenile had a licensed driver in his vehicle. Neither driver or passengers in their vehicles were injured and everyone was wearing their seat belt.
The juvenile driver was cited for careless driving.