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School project benefits residents at Epworth Manor

A school project to earn extra credits for 12-year-old Brooke Maierhafer of Harrisburg was used to buy ice cream treats for a number of residents at Epworth Manor, Tyrone.
In less than two weeks, Brooke had collected from classmates nearly $25, which she brought here to do something nice for residents.
After meeting with officials at Epworth last Wednesday, it was determined that the money would be used to buy ice cream for residents who went on an outing this week.
Brooke, who will be entering seventh grade when school starts later this summer, is spending some of her vacation here with her grandparents Ron and Vicki Davis of Juniata.
As the beautician at Epworth, Mrs. Davis has been bringing Brooke along to work for a time for the past few years.
Through this experience, Brooke soon \”fell in love\” with the older women who came to the shop each week to get their hair done in looking more beautiful.
In the beginning, it was a very young Brooke who held the tray for grandma as she worked.
With years of experience behind her now, she graduated this summer to helping to transport the residents in wheelchairs to and from the beauty parlor as they got their hair done.
Her experiences at Epworth Manor have had lasting affects on Brooke who chooses to devote some of her vacation every summer to coming here to help her grandmother and enjoy the company of the older residents at the Home.
Brooke\’s parents are Melissa and Matt Maierhafer of Harrisburg, grandparents are Vicki and Ron Davis of Juniata and great-grandparents are Jane and Jerry McKeehen of Altoona.
While working in the beauty shop, Vicki not only shares a special time with her granddaughter, but her Mother, Jane McKeehen, is also a regular volunteer in the shop.