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Police implement crash prevention initiative to make roadways safer this summer

Pennsylvania State Police are taking steps to make area roadways safer during the summer months.
According to Hollidaysburg State Police, a review of reportable traffic accidents that occurred on Blair County roadways in the past two months indicates operator inattentiveness and driving at unsafe speeds as two of the most common factors in the causes of these accidents.
State Police ask that local motorists signal their intentions when making turns, to be cognizant when approaching stop signs and traffic lights and to make sure there is adequate sight distance present to allow passes to be made safely without interfering with other traffic.
With schools out for the summer, State Police would like to remind motorists that not only will there be more kids walking and riding bikes along the roadways, but there will also be more young and inexperienced drivers operating vehicles. Extra care and attention is needed to be exercised by all motorists to avoid an accident.
With summer being in the midst of construction season along many Pennsylvania roadways, Police say it is imperative that motorists observe and obey all signage regarding speed and changes in traffic patterns when approaching or within construction zones. Fines for traffic violations within a construction zone are doubled.
State Police would also like to remind motorists that it is illegal to stop, stand, or park any vehicle along an limited access highway unless authorized by official traffic control devices. This includes the median and entrance and exit ramps.
According to Hollidaysburg State Police, this has a history of being a problem locally along Interstate 99 during the 4th of July fireworks displays at DelGrosso and Lakemont Parks. Police will be taking several measures to prevent this and Troopers will have the authority to ‘ticket and tow’ violator vehicles.
According to State Police, they will use every available enforcement tool, including radar from both conventional and non-conventional patrol vehicles, aerial observation and various sobriety and regulatory checkpoints in an effort to better monitor traffic and make the roadways safer by reducing the number and severity of traffic accidents along Blair County roadways.