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Penelec offering tips that may help customers conserve energy this summer

Summer is usually a time of year when our electric bills often see an increase, and for some homes a significant one.
Penelec officials have listed some simple electricity conservation methods that may help in decreasing electric bills during the summer months.
According to Penelec officials, and commonly known to most if us, the largest users of electricity during the summer months are air conditioners. If health and comfort permit, consider setting your central air conditioner to a warmer temperature and clean or replace air conditioner filters at least once a month to maintain optimum air flow and efficiency.
Room air conditioners should be used only when the room is in use.
Doors to the room should be closed to help keep the cool air in one place.
During the day, when the sun is shining, close windows, blinds, and draperies to keep the sunlight from heating up the interior of the house.
Keep televisions, lamps, and other heat-producing electric appliances away from air conditioning thermostats.
Make sure curtains and furniture are not blocking air conditioning or cold air return vents as this will decrease the efficiency of your air conditioner. Also, close supply registers to rooms that are not in use.
Delay using heat-producing appliances, such as ovens, ranges, dishwashers, and clothes dryers, until after the sun goes down.
Use various types of fans, such as ceiling fans, floor fans or window fans to spread the cool air around and when possible, use fans instead of air conditioning.
According to Penelec officials, a way that Penelec customers can see year-round savings is if they look for the energy star label when shopping for appliances and by replacing incandescent light bulbs with more efficient compact florescent bulbs, where possible.
Penelec offers a free booklet, ‘The Energy Decision Maker: Your Guide to Energy Management’. To obtain a copy, go to