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Cub Scout Day Camp at Camp Anderson once again a successful summer activity

Cub Scout Day Camp
In the top left photo are Cub Day Camp participants from Cub Scout Pack 300 in Tyrone. They include (L to R) Brandon Albright, Caleb Cox, Chance Burke, Chase Burke, Tanner Briggs, Jack Murtagh, Josh Maceno, Kenny McKernan, Sean McGovern and Nathan Hormell. Other photos show some of the activities that Scouts from Pack 300, along with other Scouts from the area, had the opportunity to participate in. Pack 300 meets on Monday evenings beginning in September, but boys interested in joining that have already reached their sixth birthday can do so by contacting Cubmaster Mark Raffetto at 684-5362. (The Daily Herald/Mark Raffetto)

For a number of young boys in central Pennsylvania, last week was a special week for them.
That’s because these boys participated in an event that has basically become a summer tradition at a local camp.
Camp Anderson, just outside of Tyrone, was the home of the annual Cub Scout Day Camp, sponsored by the Penns Woods Council, Boy Scouts of America. With the exception of the year 2004, when the camp was under construction, and a couple of years in the early 1990s, Camp Anderson has been the location of many fond memories for Cub Scouts from all over Blair County, northern Bedford County and Warriors Mark.
It is knowledgeable to many that Boy Scouts spend a week away at camp every summer. Since most boys involved in Cub Scouts, the Boy Scouts of America’s program for boy in elementary school, are sometimes a little too young to spend a week away from home, the summer day camp concept was implemented for them.
Each year, a different theme is selected, along with activities that are age-appropriate. This year’s theme was ‘Science Discovery’. Some of the past themes included ‘Jungle Adventures’, ‘Cub Circus World’, ‘2001 Leagues Under the Sea’ and ‘Wild West Adventure’.
Some of the most popular events that are held each day include trips to the archery and rifle ranges. Of course, being Cub Scouts, ages 6 to 11, they shoot BB guns. On the first day each year, Scouts are taught safety rules while they are on the ranges and the parts of the bow and rifle. Another popular event includes the obstacle course, which there is a new one every day. There is also a craft station each day in which the boys make something different to take home that day. This was the first year in a long time that the boys had the opportunity to build something out of wood, which happened to be a catapult, which tied into the science theme this year.
Scouts get the opportunity to complete a number of requirements for badges and awards at camp, as they always do. Which the Scouts usually never realize they completed requirements for badges while they were there. They only realize that they had fun participating in the activities.
Some of the other activities that Scouts participated in this year included attempting various science experiments, which one day they made silly putty to take home. Scouts also learned about various plants you can find in the woods that are edible and learned how to build a tripod, which can be used for outdoor cooking and a number of other ways when they move up into the Boy Scout level someday.
Probably the most memorable for a few of the participants from the Tyrone area had to be the stations were they used a large catapult and other devices to experiment how far they could get different objects to move airborne, tying into the science theme. One station included water balloons. At this station, one of the local Cub Scout leaders was encouraged, in a manner of speaking, to stand in front of the equipment that was shooting water balloons. Much to the Scouts delight, the Cubmaster from Pack 300 in Tyrone, Mark Raffetto, wasn’t dry for very long. The youngest Scout in Pack 300 hit his Cubmaster right in the center of his chest with a water balloon. It actually provided several laughs for the Scouts and cooled their leader off a bit.
Scouts who participated in Day Camp also had opportunities to go fishing at one point during the week and participate in a number of ‘campwide games’ at the end of each day. This is when all Scouts participating joined each together in what has been traditionally known as the ball field at Camp Anderson. They had the opportunity to play a number of different games and sports while they were at camp. On the last day of Day Camp, Scouts had the opportunity to participate in a tug-of-war.
Cub Day Camp 2007 has proved to be a big success, as it usually does. All Cub Scout Packs from the Tyrone Area and Bellwood-Antis School Districts attended this event, an event that provided local Cub Scouts with a fun and memorable week during their summer vacation.