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Amateur radio field day slated for this weekend

Dozens of area amateur radio operators will take to the open spaces this Saturday and Sunday to participate in an annual event which tests emergency preparedness in less than optimal conditions.
Known as field day, the weekend event is sponsored by the amateurs national organization The American Radio Relay League.
Members of the Blair County-based Horseshoe Amateur Radio Club will begin 24-hour broadcasting operations at 2 p.m. Saturday at the Camp St. Leo Camp grounds near Cupon.
Tyrone members of the Horseshoe Amateur Radio Club are Rev. William Glunt, Ed Hribik, Matt Lehner, Charles Noble and Don Stewart.
Field day is designed to simulate conducting emergency communications worldwide using portable equipment powered by alternate power sources. It’s purpose is to demonstrate the “hams” ability to make electronic contacts in the event of a disruption of commercial communications by either natural or man made means.
Plans include the use of equipment and antennas that can transmit either voice, Morse code, television and the written word. The event gives both the experienced radio amateur as well as neophytes a chance to share ideas and new experiences in emergency communications that may someday be needed in an actual disaster.
The local group will be joining with thousands worldwide in this once a year emergency preparedness test.
The public is welcome to view the simulated emergency communications operation anytime during the weekend. Demonstrations will be in progress round-the-clock during the weekend. And, spokespersons will be available to explain the various types of transmissions. Printed information will also be available explaining ho to become a US Government licensed amateur radio operator.
The Horseshoe Amateur Radio Club meets monthly at 7 p.m. on the second floor of the Red Cross Chapter Headquarters building as 4100 5th Avenue in Altoona. Additional information is available by phoning 942-7334 or 943-8424.