State and local officials offer tips on making this summer safe for area children

There is a song that says it all: “School’s out for summer”. With the kids enjoying their summer vacation, many of their typical activities and routines involve spending a great deal of time outside.
Since this is the case, various local officials are concerned for the safety of local children. At a recent meeting, several members of Tyrone Borough Council expressed concern with many local children playing on or near streets in the community.
Council Members discussed that they are hoping that parents keep a closer watch over their children these summer months and many encouraged them to do so. This, of course, is because it seems that most kids suffer injuries, many of which are serious, when they are playing in areas where they shouldn’t be that can be dangerous.
PennDOT also urges motorists to be on the lookout for kids playing on near the street. They would like to remind all parents, caregivers and motorists that they must remember that kids are unpredictable, and can move quickly or run into the street without any warning. Children do not always know the safety rules and they count on adults to look out for them. Since they are small, they can also be very hard for drivers to see.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says in 2004 nearly 150 kids from bicycle-related injuries and nearly a quarter of a million were treated in emergency rooms. Wearing a helmet is the best way to stay safe when riding a bike. Approved bicycle can reduce head injuries by 85 percent.
Some tips that PennDOT would like to offer to bicyclists that will help them stay safe on the road include the following: Wear a helmet, see and be seen, avoid biking at night, stay alert-always look for obstacles in your path, go with the flow of traffic-the same way is the right way, check for traffic around you, and learn the rules of the road.
Some tips PennDOT offers to motorists when encountering bicyclists include the following: Reduce speed when encountering bicycles, give bicyclists more time-they don’t go as fast as cars, be aware of bicycles, pass bicycles with care, use caution around kids-they can be unpredictable, and to share the road.
Drivers are urged to be on the lookout for kids on bikes and on foot in order to make this a fun, but safe summer for local children.