Snyder supervisors vote on 911 call boxes

At Monday’s meeting, Snyder Township supervisors voted to accept the updated 911 box alarms.
A call box is a diagram that is used as a tool for 911, so when someone calls in an emergency, 911 knows what kind of equipment to send to respond to the situation.
The call boxes have been an ongoing topic at recent township meetings.
At the April 2 meeting, supervisors passed a resolution to accept the 911 call box system as Blair County 911 Center Director Scott Beveridge wrote it. At that time, Bald Eagle Volunteer Fire Company Fire Chief, Scott Illig, and Assistant Fire Chief, Paul Morrison, were upset the supervisors changed the call box system without discussing it with them first.
The fire company then held a public meeting at the fire hall on April 15 to discuss the issue. At that time, Illig said the call boxes were changed in 2005 because of concerns about unnecessary equipment coming from the two Tyrone fire departments in response to minor calls within the township.
At May’s township meeting, Supervisor Charlie Diehl said the township solicitor, Allen Gibboney, was contacted by an attorney representing the Bald Eagle Volunteer Fire Company and that the attorney requested a meeting between the fire company and the township.
At that time, Diehl instructed Gibboney to contact the fire company’s attorney to set up a meeting between the township, the Bald Eagle Fire Company and the other fire chiefs in the area to discuss the call boxes and the other issues that needed to be dealt with so that all groups could effectively work together.
At Monday’s meeting, Illig said there were two meetings held, and the box alarms were settled at that time.
Also at Monday’s meeting, supervisors approved the township’s payment to the fire company with the stipulation the fire company provide the township with an audit of the year 2005.
Also at the meeting, supervisors were provided with an updated list of firefighters who appear on the fire company’s roster.
When it came time for supervisors to approve the minutes of the May 7 monthly meeting, Supervisor Jim Burket said he wanted to rethink Paul Morrison’s resignation that was approved at the May 7 meeting.
Burket wanted the board of supervisors to reconsider the decision, and he made a motion to re-instate Morrison as the township’s fire marshall. The motion died for lack of a second.