B-A School Board discusses personnel

Bellwood-Antis School Board gathered with the community on Tuesday to celebrate with a groundbreaking ceremony at Myers Elementary School.
Afterwards, the group moved to the high school where this month’s regular school board meeting was held.
It was announced a executive session was held on May 30 to discuss personnel issues.
There was also an array of personnel issues discussed at this week’s meeting.
The board approved the substitute teachers list, adding Karl Hoover – technology education and Michelle Wilkinson – biology.
Long-term substitutes were approved for the 2007-08 school year for the High School Coaching Initiative. Those individuals are Larissa Kavchok for Lisa Hartsock in secondary mathematics. Her salary will be $36,248, level 2, with benefits and Kimberly Trostle for Diane Johnson-Hubona in secondary English. Her salary will be $34,000, level 1, with benefits.
Also, Diane Johnson-Hubona, Lisa Hartsock, Charlie Burch and Alice Flarend were approved to work June 15 on the IU8 Pandemic Plan at a cost of $75 for each teacher.
The board approved the following people who worked on the musical “Cinderella” and their stipends: Richard Bower, director, $3,610.38; Jennifer Wright, choreographer, $1,018.44; Sonya DeArmitt, accompanist, $639.64; Ray McFalls, musical stage manager, $951.51 and Katie Palmer, art director, $639.64.
Several teachers were approved to work on the science curriculum at $75 per day, paid through the Department of Environmental Protection grant. Several days have been set aside throughout June to work on the curriculum. Those working include Lori Crownover, Lori Dionis, Karen Gibbons, Jennel Miller, Cathy Tompkins, Kathy Burch, Steve Conlon, Rick Schreier, Gene Yingling, Jon Goodman, Alice Flarend and Corrie Fisher.
Teachers were also approved to work on writing or revising curriculum during the summer at $75 per day: Mary Kay O’Connor, one day to develop new course; Diane Hubona and Kimberly Trostle, one day to re-write the AP curriculum and Eric Gabrielson and John Garritano, five days to develop new courses in business law, advance computer applications and multi-media.
Summer Academy teachers were approved for the elementary and middle schools at $25 per hour, not to exceed $1,500 for the four-week program, funded by the Accountability Block Grant. Those teachers approved were Danielle Coho, Barbara Middleton, Katie Cowher, Tracey Salmon, Rebecca Brown, Lori Campbell, Becky Hansard, Christa Liadis, Joanel Young, Rose Tambellini, Steve Conlon and Allison Clabaugh. The academy will begin July 9 for four weeks, four days per week.
The board also approved the following teachers to provide extended school year instruction at a rate of $24.18, prior to July 1 and $25 after July 1: Rozella Confer-Tambellini, 60 hours; Heather Erickson, 30 hours; Barbara Middleton, 75 hours; Lori Campbell, 20 hours and Ellen Gerhart, 30 hours.
New teacher training was also approved at this week’s meeting along with mentors for the 2007-08 school year. The mentors receive a rate of $714.11 and include Janice Geist for Tommie Murray; Jane Burget for Allison Clabaugh and Jim Mackereth for Matthew Webreck.
Tenure status was granted to three individuals including Kristeen Riddle, Allison Stodart and Lori Nyman.
Linda Gray will remain on as substitute superintendent’s secretary at a rate of $15.12 per hours, on an as needed basis.
The board also approved Danielle Coho to return at the beginning of the 2007-08 school year as a long-term substitute for Stephanie Kuhn. Her salary will be prorated at $27,200 or $146.24 per day.