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“Where in Tyrone is Sherlock Holmes?”

Clue # 2
This clue is for the week of June 25th. “This store has the correct service for your needs”

Children who register for the Summer Reading program at the Tyrone-Snyder Public Library will receive a card in their reading packets titled “Where in Tyrone is Sherlock Holmes?”
Each week, clues for the whereabouts of “Sherlock” will be printed in The Daily Herald.
Children will then take their card to the business where they think “Sherlock” is, locate him and then ask a clerk to stamp their card with a special stamp.
They can then take their card back to the library for a small prize.
Children with at least five stamps at the end of the program on July 28, will be given a ticket for the prize drawing at the closing program on August 2.
Good luck!!!