Working on a project

People are probably wondering what’s going on at the Neptune Fire Hall. At this point there is some excavating but what is being done? Vincent Gray is working on a project to complete his journey to Eagle Scout. The members of the Neptune Fire Hall are excited because they are aware of what the project is and they would like to let the community know as well. Vince, with the help of Matt Ray from Ray’s Burial Vault, removed the old flag pole and excavated the surrounding area. The project will include the construction of a cut block wall approximately 4-feet above ground and 5-feet wide. Pat Cushion, owner of Custom Masonry, will build the wall with the assistance of Vince and his troop. Vince will place a bronze plaque on the wall dedicating it in memory of Ray Stringer, former chief of the Neptune Fire Hall. He will install a 20-foot aluminum flag pole beside the wall and then pour a cement pad approximately 10-foot x 10-foot. The wall and the flag pole will protrude from the pad and he will then place a bench at the other end where people may sit and reflect on the sacrifices that volunteer firefighters have made for the community. Donations are greatly appreciated and can be sent to: Vincent Gray, Pack 320, RD 3 Box 413 Tyrone, PA 16686. Any questions, Vince can be reached at 684-2769. (Courtesy photo)