Warriors Mark Township Supervisors hold monthly meeting

The Warriors Mark Township Board of Supervisors held their monthly meeting this week.
The meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by Chairman L. Stewart Neff. All three Supervisors were present for this meeting.
There was nobody present to participate in the public comment portion of the meeting.
Solicitor W. Lee Oswalt III was present and reported that a judgment was announced on the Barr vs. Warriors Mark Township case by District Judge Daniel Davis. Judge Davis ruled in favor of the Township and they will receive $8,000 plus costs. It will be up to Barr on whether to file an appeal.
Supervisors granted a conditional final approval to Bruce Cox for the Majestic Acres development. There is a list of conditions that will need to be met within the next 90 days to meet all Township ordinances. Once these conditions are met, the plans will be filed at the Huntingdon County Office of Deeds.
Prior to this report, Township officials passed a card around for Township Engineer Mark Haefner, who had been injured in an accident. He will be temporarily absent from Township meetings. Jason Slocum will be filling in as Township Engineer in Haefner’s absence.
An update was presented on the issues concerning the bus turn around on Reese Road. The township received a letter from Rayco Transportation expressing their concern. Supervisor Neff said he is still waiting to hear from certain parties involved that he has contacted.
The board discussed a number of bids presented by Supervisor Marshall for the work on the backstops and dugouts for the baseball fields. Bids were also opened for grass mowing for the old Warriors Mark School property. Three bids were received by the Township. The bid that was accepted was the bid sent in by Firehouse Lawncare, operated by Travis Wirtner, and Josh Wrye. The Township will pay $120 per mowing, trimming, and collecting of trash of this area. They will pay $60 for spring clean-up.
Supervisor Neff reported that the worst road conditions have been repaired.
Township officials were asked to sign a letter for the Warriors Mark-Franklin Fire Company to be sent to Snyder Township, Tyrone Borough, and 911 for Blair and Huntingdon counties. This letter is to clear up some discrepancies concerning the area the Fire Company covers for fire and EMS calls.
Supervisors also approved the minutes from the April meeting and all expenditures and bills for May 1, 2007.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 p.m. at which time Township officials went into executive session.