Tyrone Police Department takes measures to prevent additional burglaries

Due to a number of recent thefts/burglaries in the community, Tyrone Police Chief Joe Beachem has released the following information to the local residents to educate them on the steps the Police Department is taking and to educate residents on how to be more vigilant.
Over the past few weeks, the Police Department has received many reports of thefts or burglaries. These incidents have been borough-wide. Garages, businesses, and vehicles have all been targeted by the thieves.
Items taken range from money to roof racks from vehicles, cigarettes and bicycles. Residents are urged to lock their vehicles, homes, garages and places of business. Residents are also urged to call 911 immediately if suspicious persons are observed.
These incidents are occurring mainly in the late night hours and early morning hours. Parents are cautioned that the borough’s curfew ordinance will be strictly enforced. The borough’s loitering ordinance will also be strictly enforced. Parents or concerned citizens with questions concerning the ordinances may call 684-1365.
To reiterate, if suspicious persons or activities are observed, call 911 immediately, not the police office number. This will help to ensure a quicker police response.