TASD third marking period Renaissance Stars announced

The Tyrone Area School District Renaissance Education Foundation announces a group of stars for the third marking period of the 2006-07 school year.
Tyrone Middle and High School teachers nominated 16 students for recognition due to their outstanding academic achievement, positive attitude or overall improvement.
Fifth grader Katie Bowser was chosen by her teacher, Mrs. Schultz. According to her teacher, Katie consistently gives 100 percent when completing classwork, homework and projects. She sets academic goals for herself and works hard to reach those goals. Katie is an avid reader who motivates her classmates to read as well.
Mrs. Snyder chose Shawn Phillips as a Renaissance Star. She said Shawn works hard, questions when he needs help and always has a smile. She also said he uses exceptional manners and is a joy to teach.
Michael Sleeth was chosen by the sixth grade team of Mrs. Myers, Mr. Bouslough and Mr. Friday. They agreed Michael exhibits high work ethics and although quite humble, he takes pride in a job well-done. In addition to getting along well with peers, he shows respect for adults. They said Michael is always willing to lend a helping hand is a definite joy to teach.
Amber Fogelman was chosen by sixth grade teachers Mr. Stoner, Mrs. Conrad and Mrs. Chamberlain. They all felt Amber represents the attitude they hope all citizens can develop: work hard to improve and help others whenever possible. Amber has made wonderful strides in her academics during this year and accepted additional challenges. She also has been open and willing to work with others whenever she was asked.
Seventh grader Tyler Friday was chosen by Miss Johnston and Mr. Loth. Tyler is a seventh grade student who has demonstrated considerable academic progress. As a result of his hard work and determination, he has shown continued improvement in his grades for each marking period.
Macey Lucas was chosen as a star by the seventh grade team. The team agrees Macey is always a positive influence in the classroom and is exemplary in class participation. According to her teachers, she works well individually and in groups, she has volunteered to do extra assignments in science and her ready smile and pleasant disposition and enthusiasm inspire others to give their best efforts.
Eighth grader Jared Templeton was selected by the eighth grade teaching team. They explained their reasoning saying Jared is extremely well-mannered and is polite to all his teachers and peers. He possesses a strong work ethic.
Casey Fisher was also selected by the eighth grade teaching team. Casey is polite, conscientious and hard working. She sets a good example for her peers.
Ninth grader Kara Carper has been selected as a star by her teacher, Mrs. Taylor. Kara was a health service student for the third marking period. According to Mrs. Taylor, Kara always monitored her grade and ensured her work was complete as well as on time. Also, she was always friendly and helpful in class.
A second ninth grader, Charlene Adams, has been chosen by Mrs. Burket. Charlene has turned in some impressive upper level projects this year. Mrs. Burket said she has also turned in some excellent civil rights projects during the last chapter.
Mr. Cammarata chose sophomore Ashley Boyd for the honor of Renaissance Star. Despite the challenges of recovering from a serious accident at the beginning of the year, Ashley returned to school with a great attitude and work ethic. Mr. Cammarata said she never once used the accident as an excuse. She always works hard, has a great attitude, asks questions when she doesn’t understand and always takes pride in her work.
Health Tech teacher, Mrs. Taylor, also nominated sophomore Branislava Tomasevic this marking period. She said, “Brauna is a very hard worker and conscientious student. Her Health Tech I homework is always done on time. She is consistently in the 90 percentile gradewise. Brauna is always pleasant and jovial.”
Ms. Dobrowolsky, English teacher, chose 11th grader Lindsay Christine for star recognition.
“Lindsay was really down and out about being a junior whose best friend was at college. She let her grades slide and was unhappy to be here,” said Dobrowolsky. She went on to explain she “nominated Lindsay because she has a good attitude and has stopped by my room daily to share softball highlights, prom plans and English 11 realizations.
Another 11th grader, Crystal Church, was selected by her teacher, Mrs. Taylor.
“Crystal continues to grow by leaps and bounds in her academics, especially in health tech,” said Taylor. “She has a great attitude and volunteers her time for class projects outside of school.
“Crystal even motivates others to get involved. She deserves to be a Renaissance Star for becoming a more conscientious student and keeping up with her grades all year long.”
Mrs. Kathy Holsinger reports that Kyrie Hopkins, a senior, deserves recognition as a Renaissance Star.
“Kyrie is in my consumer math class this year,” said Holsinger, “she is a very hard working student and strives to do quality work. She follows directions well, completes assignments on time and is very cooperative in class.
“Kyrie has overcome many obstacles in her life, which I believe has made her a more responsible and mature young lady. She has come a long way in her school and personal life and should be recognized for it.”
Another senior, Beth White, was selected as a star by her English teacher, Mrs. Slippy. According to Mrs. Slippy, “Beth has come so far this year. She has improved greatly. Beth tries and does her very best and has a good attitude.”