Baldwin seeking Blair County Commissioner seat

(Editor’s note: Recently, The Daily Herald sent out letters to individuals listed in our coverage area who have filed for candidacy in the May 15 primary election. Individuals were asked to send back the information so that the Herald could spotlight each candidate to the public. The Daily Herald compiled the information on the candidates and is currently running the spotlight articles to provide complete coverage of the election to our readers. It should be noted that if a candidate did not provide information to the Herald, then no information will be printed about them for the upcoming election.)
The long list of candidates running for Blair County Commissioner includes Rev. James Baldwin of Altoona.
Baldwin, an ordained minister, is pastor of Champion Life Center, a faith-based community center located in Altoona. He is seeking the Republican nomination for commissioner.
“I was motivated to seek office because of the possibility of people losing their homes through the countywide real-estate tax assessment,” Baldwin said. “People don’t seem to trust government leaders anymore, and I would like to restore the trust placed in those people holding positions of leadership.”
Baldwin is also President and founder of Youth Outreach of America. He and his wife Meghan have a one-year-old daughter Grace. He attended Calvary Baptist Christian Academy and Manahath Christian College.
Baldwin also serves on the Blair County Balanced and Restorative Justice Committee and the Blair County Health and Welfare Council.
“As county commissioner, we must restore trust in government and restore fiscal responsibility. I plan to start that by returning half of my salary to the county general fund. My personal convictions will not allow me to excessively profit at the expense of hardworking taxpaying citizens,” Baldwin said.