All five current members of Tyrone Area School Board continue

Five seats on the Tyrone Area School Board were open this year, including several veteran board members and Board President Lee R. Stover.
Five seats make up the majority of the school board. Where other school districts, such as the State College School District will have many new members in a hotly contested race, voters in the Tyrone Area School District were happy with the school board currently in place.
All five board members running for re-election cross filed were re-elected on both Democratic and Republican ballots in yesterday’s election. There was only one challenger on the Republican ballot and no challengers on the Democratic ballot. Veteran School Board Member Rev. Norman Huff was the top vote getter on both Democratic and Republican ballots.
The results on the Democratic ballot, including the number of votes and percent of the votes received are as follows: Rev. Norman Huff – 276 votes – 22.35 percent; Peter Dutrow – 263 – 21.30 percent; Raymond Detwiler – 240 – 19.43 percent; Luther Laird – 234 – 18.95 percent and Lee R. Stover – 217 – 17.57 percent.
The results on the Republican ballot, including the number votes and percent of votes received are as follows: Rev. Norman Huff – 753 – 21.18 percent; Peter Dutrow – 677 – 19.04 percent; Luther Laird – 611 – 17.19 percent; Raymond Detwiler – 607 – 17.07 percent; Lee R. Stover – 567 – 15.95 percent and Keith Beisel – 338 – 9.51 percent.
All five current board members will appear on the ballot in the November general election.