Illegal immigrant from Mexico discovered in Tyrone waives preliminary hearing

The illegal alien from Mexico discovered by Tyrone Borough Police, who was arrested recently on false identification charges, waived his preliminary hearing.
Alvarado Rivas, age 40, waived his right to a preliminary hearing last Wednesday. Rivas now faces two second degree felony forgery charges and three misdemeanors for giving police a false name and forged identification card from the Immigration and Naturalization Services.
During a routine traffic stop on 10th Street to inform someone their brake light was out, police noticed that the passenger in the car seemed to fidget with his hands and was looking to see where all officers were located. His breathing also seemed to be rapid. At this time, police ran the driver’s information through Blair County 911 which came back as valid. Police then asked if they could search the vehicle, which they received consent to do. When police asked Rivas to step out of the vehicle for safety reasons, he was still fidgeting with his hands and trying to see where all officers were located.
After this occurred, police searched Rivas and found his wallet. Rivas indicated that officers could search his wallet. After searching his wallet, police found what was an obviously false identification card from the Immigration and Naturalization Services. The card was a personal computer made image of a Resident Alien Card with his photo placed on top of it and then laminated. Police were able to confirm that the card was false due to training they had received.
At this time, police ran the information from the false card, listed as Samuel Bartimeo Alvarado of 1885 Centreline Road, Warriors Mark. However, there was no record off him anywhere.
When police asked the driver of the car if Alvarado was an illegal alien, she stated that he is and he is from Mexico.
Immigration stated they will detain Rivas when criminal charges in Blair County are disposed. Rivas was taken to the Pennsylvania State Police Barracks in Hollidaysburg to be fingerprinted on the AFIS system to learn his true identity.