Hostler hopes to continue service on Antis Township Board of Supervisors

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Republican Kenneth W. Hostler announced he will run for Antis Township Supervisor in the May primary election.
Hostler currently sits on the Antis Township Board of Supervisors, having been appointed to fill the vacancy left after the passing of Dr. Robert Walker in November 2005.
Besides the time he has spent on the Antis Township board, his experience also extends to the Bellwood-Antis School Board where he served for 15 years.
Hostler is a graduate of Bellwood-Antis High School and Penn State University. He has been married for 48 years and has two children, a son and daughter.
Currently retired, Hostler was employed at Westvaco Corp. for 13 years, IA Construction for 25 years and New Enterprise Stone and Lime for 10 years. He is also registered as a professional engineer and land surveyor in the state of Pennsylvania.
Hostler said, “If elected, it would be my hope that we can continue to operate the township in a professional way without losing our friendly, helpful attitude.
“It is my belief that we serve the local constituency,” he continued, “and as such we should endeavor to supply the maximum services within the framework of the funds available.
“Our township residents enjoy one of the lowest tax burdens assessed by a local municipality in this area.”
Hostler said it is his hope that as the township continues to grow, the same services can be provided without any additional tax burden for the next number of years.