Fink seeks election to Blair County Commissioner seat

(Editor’s note: Recently, The Daily Herald sent out letters to individuals listed in our coverage area who have filed for candidacy in the May 15 primary election. Individuals were asked to send back the information so that the Herald could spotlight each candidate to the public. The Daily Herald compiled the information on the candidates and is currently running the spotlight articles to provide complete coverage of the election to our readers. It should be noted that if a candidate did not provide information to the Herald, then no information will be printed about them for the upcoming election.)
The long list of candidates running for the office of Blair County Commissioner includes current Tyrone Borough Council member Bill Fink.
“To the best of my knowledge there has never been a county commissioner from northern Blair County and I believe the time has come for Northern Blair to take its place as a leader rather than a follower in reshaping Blair County government,” Fink said. “I feel it imperative the county undertake a vigorous effort to marshal the necessary expertise from within to effectively conduct county business using existing resources and also as needed, look to outside resources that can augment the development and implementation of plans or programs that will stabilize county government and relieve economic stress.”
Fink feels that elected officials and county employees must become partners in developing leadership plans at all levels within county government and this begins by including managers, county sheriffs, officers, clerks, secretaries, members of the custodial staff, and others as part of the management team to formulate suggestions and share their knowledge of any systematic changes that could reduce expenses.
If elected to public office, Fink plans to provide day-to-day operational leadership through coordination of public services and activities within the county. He feels these responsibilities and accompanying authority include the tactical planning, execution and operating management for coordinated county services, and various other duties.
“I will make every effort to articulate and lead in the execution of a Blair County strategy and best practices program designed to meet public expectations and clearly establish responsibilities throughout the county that will assure accountability to our taxpayers,” Fink said.
Prior to returning to the area, Fink served in the United States Air Force and as a Federal Security Manager at the Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia, Reagan National/International Airport in Washington DC, and Baltimore/Washington International Airport in Baltimore, MD.
After returning to the Tyrone area, Fink was elected to Tyrone Borough Council and has served on Council for four years. He is also a member of the Blair County Uniform Construction Code Board of Appeals, the Albemarle Chemical Citizens Advisory Board, and is Chairperson of the Tyrone Area School District Property Tax Commission.
“I will make every effort, to stabilize the economic stress within county government and work to ensure Blair County remains a vital ‘hub’ in central Pennsylvania,” Fink concluded.
Fink will be running on the Republican ballot.